Thanks to the explosion of digital marketing in recent years, the already massively increased opportunity to sell products and services to consumers continues to expand. However, the attention span of consumers is shortening as they are now bombarded daily with sales message after sales message. So how do we make our marketing comms stand out?

This is where personalisation comes in to play. Personalisation is a technique of targeting the right person at exactly the right time, with exactly the right messages.

We don’t mean the automated and outdated Birthday email brands often send out, what UK consumers really want is brands who understand their individual needs better.

Collecting data to personalise an experience

Collecting and analysing big data is key. Data can be generated from every click and every site visited by a consumer, which can then be analysed to tailor products and services that are based on prediction, rather than reaction. This in turn will offer customers an online shopping experience that is both relevant and enjoyable, and makes them more likely for them to see something they like while you have their precious attention.

You are probably most familiar with the personalisation of ‘Product Recommendations.’ These recommendations are based upon data collected from previous searches or purchases, and are used to deliver products or services that complement this criteria. Tesco are a great example of this, and often combine product recommendations with offers and incentives to buy via their Clubcard Scheme, yielding them increased returns.

When a customer is registered as a user, customised content can be delivered instantly. This can utilise information on location, and even the time of day the customer is browsing. By using analytics report data, traffic sources can highlight exactly who your potential customers are, allowing you to target the right people directly.

Whichever method you choose, personalisation clearly works. It engages consumers for longer, and leads to increased conversions.

Personalisation is becoming an expectation, rather than an enhancement of your website. Looking to improve the personalisation tactics of your online marketing? Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today. We’d love to chat about how we could help your brand succeed online!