There are so many options available to consumers when purchasing gifts on a special occasion for loved ones, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a Body Shop gift set? The Body Shop toiletries make the perfect inoffensive gift from anyone from a co-worker to your gran. The Body Shop also has a constantly evolving eco-friendly history.

The brand is one of the most popular high street natural health and beauty shops. This came from humble beginnings, starting in 1976 with a little green shop in Brighton. Now it’s one of the most well-known sustainable health and beauty brands. 

CuCo Creative are a sustainable packaging design agency, and we get excited when we see a brand evolve to become a more eco-friendly conscious brand when it comes to packaging!

The Body Shop has new eco-friendly goals to add to their ethical and green business, which they want to talk about.

So, what are The Body Shop’s goals?

By the end of 2022, The Body Shop is aiming for 75% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic across all product lines. This is a huge leap from their current 10% PCR plastic across all ranges, and with a small amount of virgin plastic (not fossil fuel derived, of course), they can ensure that everything they produce can continue to be recycled. 

It doesn’t stop there! By 2025, all the plastics used for their health and beauty items will be free of fossil fuel. Still not enough? By 2030 they will only be using 3 types of plastic instead of 20, making it easier than ever for their customers to recycle. With The Body Shop’s “Return. Recycle. Repeat” scheme, they will collect 25% more packaging than they sell.

This is not only great for the environmental footprint packaging has but increases the pool of recycled materials for other industries to use.  

What are they doing at the moment? 

It’s all well and good having sustainability goals, but what are the health and beauty chain “The Body Shop” doing at the moment to combat the increasing plastic packaging problem? They aren’t waiting until 2030 to make their sustainable changes. For example, their new haircare bottles and tubs are made with 100% recycled plastic. 

They also have created a refill scheme and, so far, have rolled out refill stations across 400 of their stores globally through 2021 and are launching another 400 refill stations this year!

Why does CuCo Creative care?

Why wouldn’t we care? We are annoyed by one time use unrecyclable plastics, so we love a new stance against the non-sustainable plastics often used in the health and beauty industry. 

We’ve previously worked with eco-friendly toiletry brand Wild England to deliver their refillable range of health and beauty items.

On top of this, we take an active stance against non-sustainable means of packaging design by also having an eco-friendly journey like The Body Shop. Our print partners are FSC accredited and only use biodegradable vegetable inks, all reinforced with state of the art green technology. 

We also use compostable or recyclable materials at all times! 

Do you like the sound of your brand having your own sustainable journey? Let us help and get in touch!