It’s said that an image is worth a thousand words, so imagine how many words a video is worth. Video marketing is a powerful form of marketing that can convey your message while engaging your audience within marketing campaigns

There are two key ways to use videos within marketing: Brand Awareness and Advertising. Not all use of video within marketing has to be an advert. Video can convey your brand message to a potential buyer, investor, client or other. Video production for advertising is an effective way of selling your brand to a broader audience.

Either way, video marketing is a highly successful tool within your marketing strategy. Don’t take our word for it; our Bournemouth-based digital marketing agency has produced numerous successful pieces of video marketing throughout the years. Statistics have shown that videos produced within digital marketing campaigns have helped businesses increase their brand awareness by 70%, traffic by 51%, and sales by 34%. 

Using video for brand awareness

It isn’t easy sometimes to differentiate an advert from a brand awareness video. A brand awareness video is something we would define as a case study or an interview. A piece of media that isn’t shown within online marketing or advertising campaigns but is instead used to share the brand message. 

These videos can be very successful in recruitment drives, to show what kind of company yours is and what it would be like to be an employee. They could also be great for showing how your product or brand works. 

For example, our digital marketing agency created a video with the sustainable salon brand Scrummi. Here we used brand ambassadors to create a series of interview-style videos about why hairdressers used Scrummi and empathised with the brand. Another video we recorded was a tutorial on how one brand ambassador and salon owner used Scrummi hair towels. These videos weren’t designed to be used as a direct advertising campaign but to display Scrummi’s brand identity and show how their product worked for use on their website for potential investors and customers. 

Using video for advertising campaigns 

We tend to associate video use for brands with digital advertising; this isn’t always the case (as explained in the last segment). Of course, video can be used for anything, but now we’re talking about online advertising. 

Video advertising is responsible for 1/3 of shoppers’ purchasing decisions; that’s a massive statistic of potential customers you’ll miss if you don’t use video advertising. Given the increasing popularity of video platforms like TikTok, there’s no arguing that we are increasingly being driven by video. 

Pet food client, WeAreFamily, opted for an online video as part of their marketing strategy to target a category A, B, and C1 demographic of 25-40-year-old working families. Their brand value was that the cat is part of the family and should have food that is the same quality as its human family. We produced two videos of 60 and 15 seconds that showed WeAreFamily’s brand values. Due to them being a start-up, WeAreFamily needed a promotional video that showcased their brand for social media marketing and investors. To do this, we made an advert that featured an energetic (and incredibly well-behaved) cat and a young, healthy, happy family in a lovely home in London. Showcasing the cat as part of their family, filming with animals and children poses its own problems, but the advert was a great success and was well-loved by WeAreFamily, its audience and of course, us! 

All video is a good video

Algorithms favour video, whether made as an advert, tutorial, or interview. At CuCo Creative, we know the power of video, and people opt for this marketing method as a means of brand storytelling. It drives engagement! That’s why we recommend video advertising and marketing when possible. 

If you are exploring video content that will tell a million words, get in touch today and let our digital marketing agency take care of it.