Christmas is considered to be a time of happiness and family reunions. Still, during a global pandemic and a national lockdown, many Marketing Managers face their biggest challenge yet: How on earth are you supposed to tackle your Christmas comms during Covid-19?

As an award-winning marketing agency, who have created successful Christmas campaigns for brands such as Kent Brushes, CuCo have looked at the most recent Christmas ads from 2020 and summarised some key points for a Covid-proof Christmas campaign:

1. Be optimistic 

If there’s one thing that is needed this year, it’s optimism. Christmas 2020 is going to be tough for many people. Therefore, marketeers should focus on positivity in their campaigns to brighten up people’s mood. A great example is TK Maxx’s Christmas advert. With the message ‘Everyone deserves to feel special this year’, the retailer dressed up a goat in designer clothing. A fun, light-hearted ad that immediately puts a smile on your face.

2. Make it meaningful 

We get it – every business has to make money. But hard-sell techniques are a big no-no this year. Instead, brands should focus on something meaningful this Christmas. John Lewis for instance focuses on kindness and looking after each other in their 2020 Christmas ad – a very important message in the current situation. Focusing on something meaningful can help build brand awareness and brand equity and thus, ensures that your brand is at the front of people’s mind once they’re ready to spend again.

3. Be flexible

2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster. And with things constantly changing, sensitivity to the current situation is going to be important. This means, keeping an eye on and adapting your campaign to new government regulations or shifts in consumer behaviours/attitudes if necessary, is going to be crucial to ensure its success.

Are you in need of a last minute Christmas campaign? Our experienced team of digital experts, marketeers and designers would love to help. To chat, contact us on 01202 911959 or drop us an email to [email protected]. Let’s make your Christmas campaign 2020 one to remember!

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