I came into the office this week and looked at the pile of paperwork on my desk. I briefly scanned over my calender as per usual however, I noticed I couldn’t really make it out for all the scribbles and crosses on it so I took a closer look and my heart skipped a beat! I realised I was 6 days late for my flight!

My first initial reaction was to laugh and then I wanted to shed a tear, but come on I am in the office and having Viking roots so I thought NO come on, just rub your face with your hands and find away to laugh it off!

So I did! I decided to see the lesson in it! Basically organise yourself woman! With Christmas fast approaching, jobs coming in left right and centre I have started taking work home with me. Even thinking of ideas in the shower! Come to think of it there is no surprise I have completely forgotten what is going on during the weekend so I have scoured the internet for hints and tips on how to get organised for the season commencing and thought I would share these with you all as surely I can’t be the only wishing for more hours in the day!

All the blogs and tips suggest you write a list. Each and everyone varies so I say make it personal and even add pictures to it to lighten it up!

Secondly most of them agree clutter free desk, work top etc makes for a cleared mind! I must agree I personally feel much better once I have tidied my work space. As soon as I have completed it I will be de-cluttering my desk!

One of the articles I read suggests you only use one Calender! Think this one is very apt as I have three different calenders and think this is how I have become so discombobulated on dates and where I am meant to be!

Don’t be scared to speak up. If your work load is starting to get too heavy talk to someone that might be able to assist you. Also they all recommend you tackle your fare of saying of you can’t take on more work as quality is more important than quantity.

Most of them also say prioritise. I find this one quite tricky if I am honest. When you get that phone call and each client needs amends, a job done or an article written up ASAP where do you start? So I looked in my many books about prioratisions and one of them gives you tips on thinking in terms of importance vs urgency and this what they say:

Important activities have an outcome that leads to the achievement of your goals.

Urgent activities demand immediate attention, and are often associated with the achievement of someone else’s goals.

6) Lastly don’t be scared to delegate. If you can outsource do so as this will eliminate big headaches and de-stress you hugely. For some it is simply work within your organisations for others it is getting a professional to handle your website o PR. What ever it is that is causing you to squeeze extra hours on the day it might be worth trying to give it to a specialist within their industry.

I know there are many more but these were the ones that stood our for me! Hence all I can say is Happy Planning!!