The effects on business in the UK have been dramatic, we’ve seen many a business lose out to Covid-19 and tragically close due to a significant loss of income throughout 2020 with the ever-changing rules putting more and more pressure on some seemingly ‘forgotten’ industries.

With this downfall, however, also rises opportunity and many new business ventures have taken new emerging markets by storm with their success stories. From loungewear to fresh food delivery services, the home bakers to the crafters, there has been a positive drive for small and local businesses to set up shop.

The pandemic has changed the UK’s shopping habits, with 58% of UK consumers now committing to online shopping in the build-up to Christmas and 88% of global consumers planning to stick with new brands they have tried during the lockdown period. These stats are hugely significant, showing the demand for simple and effective eCommerce solutions whilst people are unable to head out and enjoy the full experience (if any) of high-street shopping.

For the newly emerged businesses, these stats also resemble the urgent need to move their product or service/offering online. Those who have done so swiftly have certainly reaped the largest rewards. A website is a great way to tell people about your venture, echo your brand identity, and ultimately sell products to create revenue.

As an experienced creative and web design agency, CuCo can easily navigate this process but for many new businesses, this is unfamiliar territory and can often be a very daunting process, stalling business progress. Here are our top tips for getting your business online effectively:

1. Be passionate 

First and foremost, passion for your new venture will give you the drive required for finding your feet online. Coming up with ideas, copy, images, catalogs, etc. are all part and parcel of getting a new business up and running but can often drain you of your passion! If you need it, seek help, you want to put yourself in a position where your attributes can be best used to drive the business forwards, not hold you back.

2. Choose the right platform for you 

Whilst we would love to sit and build a beautifully planned, bespoke website for our clients, we do appreciate that sometimes that is not always the most viable solution. This can be a costly and lengthy process that may not be appropriate for a business looking to find its feet. As a quick fix solution, a simple Shopify site would be an ideal starting point. The ‘Software as a service’ (SaaS) platform is very easy to use, giving business owners control over content and management, making it the perfect tool for growing online. Shopify Plus takes on the responsibility of keeping your website up and running so that we can focus on your design, marketing, and everything customer-facing. (More on Shopify here) Equally, if Shopify doesn’t prove to be the one for you, WooCommerce comes highly recommended from us as an alternative solution to a very effective integration with WordPress websites.

3. Content

As more and more businesses move to online platforms, it naturally becomes harder to make your venture seen amongst a sea of content. When piecing together client branding, we include photography and videography within our Tone Of Voice advice so that the client can see the full picture and how the brand will be viewed succinctly across all platforms. When producing an eCommerce site, the high-quality product photography is essential. It not only showcases the product in its best light but also shows the consumer that time and effort have gone into making a site that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

4. Integrations

It is important to consider how your new website could integrate with other tools that will be beneficial for business. Shopify hosts its own ‘apps’ tool which enables a wide array of features varying from social media plug-ins, to stock reporting software and email marketing capabilities. These features will certainly come in handy when growing the business and branching out into new marketing fields.

If you would like a quick fix to getting your business online but need some help getting started, a member of our creative team can talk you through the processes today. Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today. Let’s get the UK back on its feet!