Straight Tuck Ends

With the standard straight tuck, both closures will tuck from the front to the rear, which avoids a raw edge showing at the top/bottom of the front face. It also prevents possible interference between the tuck and the window film material – if used, which could occur with a reverse tuck.

Reverse Tuck Ends

The Reverse Tuck differs from the standard tuck in that the top closure hinges off the front panel and tucks to the rear, while the bottom closure hinges off the rear and tucks to the front.

Arthur Lock / Lock Ends

The Arthur lock dust flaps add a measure of security for heavier products, yet still permit the carton to be opened and reclosed with ease. The locks flasp also reduce the possibility of the flaps pushing up the lid when a heavier card is used.

Mailer Lock

Here the straight tuck has the added security of an additional flap on the oposite edge, where the lock tab (tongue) is used as an added security feature that the carton does not accidentally open in transit.

Tuck and Tounge End

An alternative to the mailer lock, it should also withstand substantial abuse without disengaging. Ease of entry can be enhanced by angling the base score of the tongue lock.

Gusset Tuck / Bellows End

Another alternative to the mailer lock, and like the mailer lock should withstand substantial abuse without disengaging. The bellows offers an added degree on corner strength and stability over the more conventional dust flap arrangement.

Snaplock / 1-2-3 Bottom End

This style is used almost exclusively as a bottom closure, generally in combination with a tuck top closure.

Autolock End

What makes autolock bottom boxes unique is their structure. With a speedy autolock feature, all you have to do is press down on the box. This will give just the perfect shape needed to load the product inside. Each long/short edge pair are pre-glued for added strength – unlike the snaplock.

Regular Slotted End

This is the most common of all the box styles. The outer flaps (lengthwise flaps) are one-half the boxes width. This allows for the outer flaps to meet in the middle when folded into a box.

Full Overlap Slotted End

Full Overlap is exactly what the name suggests – the outer flaps almost completely overlap when closed. Alternatively, you can have overlap slotted where all 4 flaps are the same length and overlap when folded.

Self-locking End

The ends fold over and lock into place delivering multiple layers of corrugated that enforce both ends of the box. This can be used as a tray in combination with a sleeve or with the following lid styles.

Roll-end Tuck Top

In conbination with self-locking ends, roll-end tuck top boxes, also known as mailer boxes, have roll end with an attached frictionless lid and dust flaps on it that tucks from the top and sides into the main body.

Roll-end Tuck Front

In conbination with self-locking ends, Roll-end tuck front boxes have roll end with a connected lid and front panel with two locking flaps that tuck in between two side panels.

Gable End

Gable top cartons can be combined with other box styles to use as a suitable base. The gable top is tapered and can be sealed with a sticker, tuck-flap, postal-lock or other closure mechanism.

5 Panel Hanger

Custom hang tab boxes provide the optimal functionality and view of products in one piece. The die-cut tabs on the top are easy to use to make a lot of products easily noticeable. The top flap of the hole-bearing box can be shaped in any shape you want, such as rectangular, semi-circular, or any other.

Header Card / Topper

Header card packaging is the most cost effective way to package your products! Just simply place your product in a poly bag, then attach a fold-over header card to the top of the bag using a common stapler. That’s all there is to it!

Telescope Box

Telescope, also called box with lift-off lid, consists of 2 parts: the lid and base. Here the height of the lid and base are the same height – with the lid sliding completely over the base when closed.

Shoulder Box

Two piece shoulder boxes are designed with an internal shoulder and are made from rigid card, providing extra stability and quality for delicate products. When closed, the lid slides over the shoulder and stops when it hits the top of the base – so they sit flush to one another.

Matchbox style Box

As you’d expect these boxes look like the boxes matches come in.


Using a simple sleeve that directly covers your product.