So, your brand wants to create an exhibition stand. Well, you came to the right place! Whether it’s a trading show, exhibition day, or even a pop-up, your brand needs to stand out; that’s where we come in.

There are two options for exhibition stands, bespoke or modular, but which is best for you? What’s the difference?

Read on to find out! 

What is a modular stand, and how could it work for me?

A modular exhibition stand is a display stand made of separate components that fit together to make a complete stand.

Modular stands can be portable, customised, or even fully installed stands you could hire or buy!

Due to these stands being pre-made, they’re quick and lightweight, which makes them easy to install.

These stands are perfect if you don’t want the commitment of a bespoke stand because you can hire it! They’re also less expensive than bespoke stands, so they’re great when you are on a budget. 

Whilst you don’t have the material options you would have when crafting a bespoke stand, you can still create a beautifully designed, eye-catching stand which we’re happy to help with! 

What’s a bespoke stand, and how could it work for me?

Bespoke stands can be tailored entirely to your business’s needs. You have the complete flexibility to be as creative as you like; go crazy!

Our client Leica Camera Ltd, wanted a sustainable wooden stand and a living wall incorporated into their stall, which was achieved with our bespoke design. This couldn’t have been achieved via a modular stand, as most modular stands are plastic based. 

Due to bespoke exhibition stands being created by you, they’re only available to buy as they don’t rely on the modular format of a pre-cut stall. This means that bespoke stands are more expensive than modular stands, so you’ve got to know if the price is worth it for your brand. 

They’re great if you want your stall to last a long time and plan on using it more than once. Bespoke stands are also great if you want to pick your materials or want your brand to have a specific aesthetic. 

Which one do I pick?

When picking what stand you want, bespoke or modular, you’ve got to weigh numerous factors.

Bespoke stands can be tailored entirely to you, but they are more expensive; if you’re planning on using the exhibition stall multiple times throughout the years, they’re great! However, if you’re planning on using the stand only once, you might want to consider modular stands.

Modular stands are great if an exhibition stand is a one-time thing for you, as they can be hired, which is much less expensive than purchasing and creating an entire bespoke stand. You can also design your modular display stand however you want.

Whatever option you decide on, we can guide you through the process seamlessly and design yours in a way that will catch the eye of any potential customer! Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.