New Year, New Trends. Here’s our 2019 design and marketing forecast:

#1 Simplicity

keep it simple

Simplicity is still key in 2019! Whilst this trend has been around for several years now, there are no signs it’ll slow down any time soon. Cleaner, uncluttered designs and whitespace are important for brands this year.

#2 Functional logos

airbnb logo

Not only should designs be simple this year, they should also be super-functional! Logos in 2019 will be more ‘stripped down’, as brands are starting to recognise that a brand’s identity can be expressed through more than just the logo. Therefore, the brand identity will evolve through other elements, whilst the logo remains consistent over time.

#3 Disruption 

Be disruptive! Whether it’s your typography or your advertising messages, make your brand stand out of the crowd and clearly show what makes you different this year!

#4 Personalisation

A trends that has evolved over the last few years through the increasingly prominent presence of social media, will become even more important in the coming years. Too long have we communicated though mass-messages. Consumers today demand personalisation. Whether it’s personalised emails or carefully targeted social media ads – make sure you talk to the individual, not the mass in 2019! 

#5 Interactive content 

Enable your audience to interact with your brand through both, your on – and offline activities. This will increase brand engagement and help form stronger consumer-brand relationships and brand loyalty.

#6 Sustainability

woman holding leaf

Go Green in 2019! Sustainability will be the single biggest trend this year. So if your brand hasn’t gone green yet, now is the time. With the government introducing new taxes and regulations regarding plastic waste and consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the movement towards more sustainable business practises is unavoidable. Think about your packaging, ingredients and business practises and see what you can do to create a more sustainable future. After all, we are all responsible for saving the planet. Why not check out our favourite campaigns against plastic pollution for some inspiration?

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