Over the past two years, a larger and larger percentage of CuCo’s enquires are coming from London businesses and brands. Has the capital lost it’s edge?

As CuCo have experienced through working with brands like The London Dungeons and Daedalus Trust, many London businesses are now starting to steer clear of their fellow city workers and are beginning to search further south when appointing an agency. There are several potential reasons for this…

London is now the world’s most expensive city to live and work according to Estate Agent Savills. As the competition is stiff and rent is far from cheap, London agencies prices are noticeably higher than other areas of the UK. They often charge day rates, rather than hourly ones which result in exceptionally higher costs overall for businesses that often spiral out of control. CuCo have a proven success rate with our rates, as our 2015 RAR On Budget Award demonstrates. We have no hidden costs whilst still providing the same (if not better!) services, including: branding, advertising, marketing, graphic design, website design and build and more.

Another incentive for Londoners to broaden their search down to the Silicon South is Bournemouth’s recent accolade as the UK’s fastest-growing city in the digital economy. Bournemouth has been attracting national coverage due to it’s innovative spirit and rapid growth as a digital hub – all the more reason that London businesses seem to be extending their search. We can’t blame them! With London’s demand for branding being overwhelming, Bournemouth’s booming digital district and miles of beautiful sandy beaches seems like a no brainer, and agencies in the area are increasingly busy as a result.

Besides the agreeable microclimate, outdoor lifestyle and entrepreneurial culture, a larger force is at work in the Dorset seaside town of Bournemouth. Matt Desmier, the host of the the annual Silicon Beach gathering says, ‘The council has a vision to be one of the top 20 global digital hubs by 2020. That’s wildly ambitious but, you know what? Shoot for the moon.’ With Bournemouth’s  innovative growth and booming business on track to skyrocket over the next few years, CuCo hope to continue to see more London businesses flock in our direction. We hope that collectively, the South Coast agencies can prove that big brands don’t always have to choose-London based agencies to see market-defining results.


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