Internationally, there’s an abundance of amazing exhibitions, events, and trade shows where an eye-catching exhibition stand is what you need to catch a customer’s attention. 

Our Bournemouth-based Marketing and Design agency are experts in eco-friendly campaigns that catch customers’ eyes at home and overseas.

Don’t believe us? Look at our recent Leica exhibition stand to see what we mean! 

We all know that eco-friendly products are essential in our everyday mission to be more environmentally friendly, but pop-up display stands can be extremely damaging to the environment as they tend to be made of non-recyclable plastic that clogs up landfill.

Environmentally friendly marketing is what we are experts in, here are our favourite options to make your competing exhibition stands “green with envy”.

Natural Elements  

With the increasing trend of “plant-parents”, people have a “growing” (excuse the pun) love of plants. 

In fact, the National Gardening Survey has shown that people are spending more money than ever on plants, a quarter of that spending is by 18-34-year-olds! 

Plants not only are great design elements that most people enjoy, they can add a splash of vibrant colour to an otherwise neutral stand but they give back oxygen! An exhibition stand that gives back to the environment, what’s not to love? Look out for our future blogs to see how Leica tackled sustainability with their exhibition stand. 

Plus, if you don’t fancy adopting a plant any time soon, plants are completely biodegradable!

For Leica, we created a living wall as the centrepiece for their bespoke stand. This vertical garden wall filled with plants native to the UK and was a firm favourite and caught the eye of Leica’s managing director (and everyone else too!).

Reusable materials 

The Verve were wrong when they sang: “nothing ever lasts forever”. A great exhibition stand is one that will stay with you for years, planned obsolesce is not our style! 

We believe wooden alternatives to plastic pop-up exhibition stands are the key to showcasing your amazing products in an environmentally friendly way. 

Wood is a greenhouse-positive material with a lower environmental impact than plastic and even metal.

Wooden furniture will last you years. Not only does wooden furniture help the environment, but it also helps your purse strings as you won’t have to worry about replacing substandard plastic alternatives and instead reuse wooden furniture that never goes out of style. 

Cardboard exhibition stands 

What makes cardboard exhibition stands so great is not only their fantastic strength-to-weight ratio, meaning installation of the exhibition display is easy to assemble and safer, but cardboard exhibition stands are recyclable! 

With good quality cardboard, and the right print colours, you can even keep cardboard exhibition stands for countless displays and when you want to change your theme it can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. 

How can we help you with your next exhibition stand?

This Bournemouth Marketing Agency knows how to stand out in a crowd. We have an international client base and we can deliver the end solution wherever you’re based.

When there are exhibitions, events, and trade shows, it’s hard to get noticed. That’s you need professional eye-catchers like CuCo Creative to create an amazing exhibition stand tailored to you and your business.

We always come up with fantastic creative solutions that our clients and their customers love, like international optics company Leica.

Enough talking, let’s get that exhibition stand on the go and let’s chat!