Once you’re a well established player in your sector, there’s nothing that can go wrong, right?

Even if your brand has established a strong name and positioning within the market, its important to keep up with time and constantly adapt your brand to changes within the market environment, as well as to your target audience. Because as your brand grows older, so does your target audience. And at some point, you might need to consider refreshing your brand and targeting younger generations in order to stay relevant.

Having helped historic brands such as Kent Brushes to stay relevant and appeal to a younger audience, CuCo are aware of how important it is for heritage brands to keep up with time.
And these brands have done a great job in refreshing their brand in order to maintain their strong position:


For over 50 years, Häagen-Dazs was the luxury ice cream brand of choice. However, the brand had lost its appeal to younger generations, and therefore needed a brand refresh in order to stay relevant to the younger end of its audiences. The brand’s identity, which was once seen as classy and stylish, was now considered fussy and old-fashioned. Therefore, a new, simplified packaging design was needed to help attract today’s millennial audience. Through colourful illustrations and the careful use of white space, the brand was given an elegant, vibrant and modern ‘Insta-ready’ look. The new packaging has been a great success and has clearly helped to modernise Häagen-Dazs.

Old Spice

Prior to the now famous ‘Smell like a Man, Man’ Campaign, Old Spice was perceived as a grooming brand for older men. Established in 1937, the brand had lost touch with its younger audience and was perceived as old and outdated. A fresh approach and repositioning was needed in order to make the brand more relevant to younger men.

After conducting in-depth market research, Old Spice discovered that younger men tended to use their girlfriend’s body wash rather than buying their own. The legendary ‘Smell like a Man, Man’ Campaign was born – targeting both men and their female companions by using former football star Isaiah Mustafa as the ‘Old Spice Guy’, with the message ‘This is the man your man could smell like’. The humorous, 30-second ad went viral and hit 40 million views within the first week, gaining 75% of all conversation rates in the men’s grooming category and by the end of 2010, Old Spice had become the number 1 body wash brand for men in the US – a great marketing success story!

Kent Brushes

Kent Brushes, the oldest and most prestigious hair brush manufacturer in Britain, have been renowned for their brush-making excellence since 1777. Whilst older generations are well-aware of the brand and its rich heritage, the awareness for the brand was relatively low amongst younger generations, which was negatively impacting sales of the company. Therefore, Kent Brushes approached CuCo to build an online strategy for the brand in order to maximise sales, better target the millennial market and ensure a smooth transitioning of the British heritage brand into the digital age. For the brand’s latest and newest product, CuCo created a highly visual-focused campaign, which combined Kent Brushes’ iconic rich heritage with a modern twist. The campaign created an exciting buzz for the launch of Kent’s revolutionary ‘Oooh That’s Nice’ hairbrush! As a consequence of our paid advertising and comprehensive organic strategy, interaction between Kent Brushes and it’s customers increased significantly and Kent Brushes’ Instagram account trebled its followers in just 3 months! The brand’s younger digital audience were excitedly awaiting the launch of the ‘Oooh Thats’s Nice!’ Hairbrush, which was launched exclusively at Boots stores across the UK. Key products are now consistently selling out on the Kent Brushes online store and CuCo continue to manage all aspects of their digital marketing strategy today.

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