It’s no secret that CuCo Creative are experts when it comes to digital marketing, and we love working with our clients to optimise their branding and marketing online!

Through our recent experience with digital projects, we feel we have struck gold in elevating your business’ e-commerce, especially if your products are sold on Amazon. 

Rising to popularity is Amazon’s latest editions of Amazon Store and Amazon A+ content, and we believe they are worth the hype! So if you’re a business shareholder/stakeholder or have an interest in selling online, this one is for you! 

What is an Amazon Storefront?

In short, Amazon Storefront is like your individual branded profile/microsite within the Amazon marketplace OR the online version of an actual physical storefront. It allows you the space to curate your platform with all the branded content you desire in order to display your product portfolio and brand to its greatest potential. Its immersive offerings allow a place for audiences to be introduced to not only your products on offer but also your brand story, mission, and values. Amazon Storefront can really be a powerful marketing channel. 

In terms of content, you can have creative freedom to determine how best you want to articulate your brand to the consumer. Amazon Store’s features include a variety of rich media like videos, slideshows of photos, and space for lots of text. 

But let’s get to the important part – the benefits. It goes without saying that adding more information to your storefront increases +83% of dwell time by bringing to light your selling points and USPs. That can also mean you can reach +35% higher attributed sales per visitor and 21% more retention! 

You might ask, how do we know this is really true? Well, another interesting feature is its supply of metrics, so you can happily sit and monitor all of your success. 

This addition to your business’ Amazon e-commerce site is necessary if you have a significant product portfolio. Whilst your consumers are pondering over your storefront it opens up huge opportunities for either up-selling or cross-selling so fingers crossed consumers select the more expensive alternative or add complementary products to their baskets! 

Amazon A+

You’ll quickly learn that Amazon Storefront and Amazon A+ go hand in hand together very nicely. Amazon A+, more commonly known as Enhanced Branded Content, acts as additional branded content on your product description. This allows product sellers and vendors to add even more imagery and text to sell your product. 

We believe the best thing about this space is the interactive content available to include. For example, you can include comparative product charts, click-over content, a content slider gallery, FAQs and more! This is something we highly recommend to make your content more compelling. Another key aspect is including explainer videos to hook your audience by giving them a strong call to action. 

By having the Amazon A+ subscription, you are promised to have a whole umbrella effect of benefits which don’t disappoint. So if you’re on the lookout for Amazon SEO, increased conversion rates, more Amazon reviews, and increased sales then Amazon A+ will be perfect for you. Win-win, right? 

Still hungry for more? Amazon A+ content also hosts a premium subscription (A++) for users who comply with their guidelines. To be eligible, the seller must have at least 15 products listed on their storefront within the last 12 months to qualify for extra access to customisable content. If this subscription appeals to you then watch this space as more information will be detailed in our future posts!


If your business is stuck in cutthroat competition in a cluttered market or maybe you don’t have enough budget to set up your own e-commerce, Amazon Store and Amazon A+ are great, affordable alternatives for driving traffic, visibility and, most importantly, sales. 

Now let’s bring it to life for you. We don’t like to brag, but if you’d like to see what makes a good storefront then check out Hayden Hill on Amazon. Our digital team have worked tirelessly to master the perfect visuals to best express their brand and products, and we are pleased that our client was over the moon with the transformation!

At CuCo Creative, we have a whole team of dedicated creatives eager to bring your marketing visions to life, so if your brand is in need of a digital marketing makeover, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can’t wait to hear from you.