A well-written creative brief is the foundation of a successful marketing campaign, re-brand or packaging design. It’s the bible of your project. As an experienced, award-winning creative agency, CuCo have seen plenty of briefs (the good, bad and ugly) and therefore know how just how important a good creative brief is to achieve intended outcomes. To help you write the perfect client brief, we’ve put together the most important points every brief should include:

1. Client details

Whilst this one might seem obvious, it is often forgotten. Include all key details like your name, position, phone number and email address of key decision makers, your company website, location of the business etc. 

2. Background

Please give as much detail about your company in the brief as possible. This should include the background and history of the brand, what your company offers, the size of your company, how your brand differentiates from its competitors, your mission statement, your business goals, a full competitor analysis as well as your strengths and weaknesses and any possible threats or opportunities in the market place. This will really help your chosen agency to fully understand your company and the market environment you are operating in and will result in a better campaign.

3. Objective

What is your main objective for this project/what’s the problem you are trying to solve? Is your main aim to increase sales? Or do you want to raise awareness of your brand? Whatever your objective might be, make sure you clearly communicate it in your brief so your agency of choice can develop the perfect campaign for you and make sure your campaign will deliver the results you want to achieve.

4. Target audience

Please give as many details about your target audience as you can. Who are your primary and secondary audience? How old are they? Where do they live? What’s their income? What are their attitudes and interests? This will make it a lot easier for your agency to clearly target the campaign/ project to the right people. 

5. Brand guidelines

Do you have any existing brand standards such as colours, fonts, image-styles or media-specific guidelines? What are your key values and what’s your tone of voice? Please tell your agency as much about your branding and marketing as possible so they’ll be able to deliver results that align with your existing brand image and communicate coherent messages.

6. Timing

What is your desired launch and completion date for this project? Busy agencies such as ourselves need to be able to plan ahead and clear (but achievable) deadlines make the planning process a lot easier and ensure that the work will be completed on time.

7. Budget

Finally, don’t forget to include your budget in the brief! Your agency can create the most amazing ideas, however if it exceeds your budget, it was a waste of both your and the agency’s time.

Too much info? Don’t worry – here’s the most important points your brief should include:

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