You care about the environment, and CuCo Creative does too! But, as a brand, you probably have to create multiple marketing or promotional materials to sell yourself, and you’re probably wondering how to be more eco-friendly when you do it. 

Luckily for you, our marketing agency has years of experience creating a plethora of marketing materials, like our work for TransDigm, but have you considered diving into our sustainable marketing approach? As always, we’re to help to lend a helping hand so whilst we eagerly await your inquiries, here are our top tips!

Sustainable exhibition stands

When working with Leica, a camera and optics company, we designed a sustainable exhibition stand for the BirdFair festival. This combined our love of sustainability and all things exhibition stands.

Leica considers environmental sustainability in their manufacturing process and offers to maintain/ fix cameras instead of replacing them. 

Given Leica’s sustainable values as a company, they needed their exhibition stand for Birdfair to convey their eco-friendly priorities. 

To do this, our creative agency created a bespoke exhibition stand that could be reused several times and made of wood. Wood releases far less carbon emissions than materials like steel or plastic. We also incorporated a living wall and other natural elements as decorations instead of plastic-heavy alternatives. 

Sustainable freebies

It seems tempting to put out stress balls, message bugs, oyster card holders, and pens (to name a few, there are lots of freebies!); however, you should think a bit more sensibly about your giveaway options. Many of these are made from single-use plastics and, in some cases, not recyclable.

That doesn’t mean don’t give out freebies! On the contrary, freebies are everyone’s favourite part of a trade show, and free gifts are a great way of getting visitors to your exhibition stand. 

There are great eco-friendly and sustainable options for gifts to give out on your exhibition stall, like reusable water bottles and coffee cups, hemp tote bags, recyclable stationary, soaps, soy candles, and even plants! 

Leica gave out the plants from their living wall as freebies on the last day. Not only did this reduce waste, but it also gave visitors a lovely and eco-friendly reminder of the exhibition stand. 

FSC paper letters, leaflets, and brochures

Sustainability doesn’t have to stop with your exhibition stands. As we all know, brochures, leaflets, and letters are vital in marketing your business.

For the most part, leaflets, brochures, and letters are recyclable; however, there’s always more room to make them more eco-friendly. 

The use of FSC-approved paper shows that you care about sustainable paper production. By using FSC-approved paper, you’re supporting eco-friendly management of the world’s forests and making a point of being more sustainable as a company from every level. 

Let’s make your exhibition stand!

Your brand will need to utilise sustainable marketing materials to garner a new audience for your brand. This can be done over an exhibition stand or post, through supermarket samples, and so on!

What’s important is that every part of your marketing strategy catches the eye of the audience you want to attract in the most eco-friendly way possible. 

Given the many marketing materials you will create in your brand’s lifetime, it can be overwhelming to design them in a way that attracts attention.

That’s why we’re here! We design and build your brand through branding, design, digital, and marketing, so you don’t have to juggle your business and branding

Get in touch and the talented designers at CuCo Creative will bring your marketing materials to life in the most sustainable way possible.