CuCo continue to create and execute highly successful seasonal marketing campaigns for our British heritage client, Kent Brushes, amongst others.

Currently, our Fathers Day 2019 campaign is generating record sales for the brand compared to similar periods.

kent fathers day visual

As such, here’s our Top 5 Tips for running a highly successful seasonal marketing campaign this year:

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

It’s essential you plan your seasonal sales calendar in advance – at the beginning of the new year ideally. Consider which special days or holidays may be relevant to your particular audience this year. When are they most likely to buy? Set a timeframe for each day and season.

Next, review last year’s sales figures for the same period and set targets accordingly. What about last year’s campaign worked and what didn’t? Check top conversion paths.

Effective forward-planning also enables your HR Department to plan for any extra warehouse staff required to handle the inevitable increased demand. Make sure you brief in the Team in plenty of time.

Tip #2 Develop A Strong Key Message & Creative

CuCo have developed several notable campaigns for Kent Brushes over the years, including our ‘Mum Knows Best’, ‘Kent’s 12 Days of Christmas’ and ‘Oooh That’s Nice!’

To ensure your message stands out amongst your regular messaging as well as your competitors’, you must develop a campaign key message and stand out creative.

During this creative process it’s important to maintain the integrity of your primary brand assets, especially your logo, but seasonal campaigns can also provide an exciting opportunity to be brave and shake things up. After all, you’re likely to be investing in a seasonal campaign, and to generate ROI it’s vital your message stands out and captures attention, interest and ultimately, engagement.

kent father's day visual

Tip #3 Think Carefully About Which Products/Ranges will Be Included

Make a list of what products and/or lines will be included in the promotion. These might be your best-sellers or perhaps the products that tie most effectively into the campaign theme.

For example, in this years Father’s Day campaign for Kent Brushes, we have included the Shaving and Men’s Finest ranges – both make exceptional Fathers Day gifts.

It’s important any visuals you show put your ‘best foot forward’ showcasing your most attractive products from the various categories. Choose the items that are likely to grab your customers’ attention.

Tip #4 Be Consistent

When running an online sales campaign, consistency is absolutely critical. The value of a uniform and complete campaign being simultaneously communicated across your channels simply cannot be understated.

Map your media for every channel and make a list of all graphics, copy, coding, dimensions etc. that might be needed. Ensure each contains a strong CTA.

Consider all your owned and paid for media opportunities as vehicles to communicate your message.

kent fathers day visual

For a lower, key campaign, your website, email marketing and social media channels are a great place to start. If you’re looking to ramp up sales significantly, consider paid opportunities, such as social media advertising and running ads across the Google Display Network, amongst others.

Tip #5 Analyse, Analyse, Analyse

Review and analyse your sales reports throughout the duration of the campaign, but also once the campaign is complete. Analyse your acquisition figures, your conversion reports and ad statistics.

In which areas can you improve for your next campaign?

If you’re looking for an agency to run a strategic seasonal campaign on your behalf, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today