At CuCo Creative, we’re pleased to say our current digital marketing campaigns are taking flight for our clients, and we’re having fun working on e-commerce, social media campaigns and web design projects! 

When optimising client branding and creative digital marketing, a standout project for us recently has been designing Hayden Hill’s product page. This process has been an enormous learning curve for both CuCo and the client, so while Amazon’s store assets grow in popularity, we’d say we have a pretty sound knowledge of how to design successful Amazon A+ content. 

By employing all of Amazon’s premium A+ assets to maximise content, you can achieve all the benefits of the premium subscription by building your brand, following in our footsteps of becoming experts in designing successful e-commerce sites. 

Our creative digital marketing agency is not one to gate-keep either, so here are our top tips for creating a good Amazon product page using the premium Amazon A+ subscription assets!

1. Make your brand story compelling!

With access to premium A+, you have loads of space to play around with your words and display your honest brand story, which can be supported by images or even videos, so make use of it! An evident and impactful brand story is integral to e-commerce, especially on Amazon, as it will drive you apart from the competition in a cluttered market space. 

2. Target customer pain points

When structuring your product page, you should consider your consumer’s pain points, which are persistent problems your target audience faces when purchasing in your product’s market. This way, you can tactically display your store in a way that guides them to their best solution/alternative, making the consumer journey far more accessible. For example, their pain points could mean as a clothing brand, you need to showcase your products by filtering them by size or sorting them by category of clothing items.

3. Use high-quality media

Images are pivotal to the success of your product page, so ensure you are using professional photography and videography – we don’t want to see any low-resolution images around here! With your premium A+ subscription, you should match your high-quality photos to one of the many templates, like the carousel feature, to host your photos and videos in an appealing format. Premium A+ allows you to use text fields rather than embedding text into images. This way, you can further optimise your SEO and increase visibility to your products. 

4. Prioritise mobile previews

On Amazon, mobile retail is on the rise, so it is imperative to devote as much of your focus to your mobile layout as well as your desktop layout. Because of this, when creating your product page, make sure you use sensible arrangements, and don’t clutter your page with images and text, as it will damage your site’s clarity. To avoid this, plan header images with our recommendations of 3 maximum and text at 30 characters maximum. Also, it’s essential not to forget to regularly test your product page on mobile previews to ensure everything is running smoothly!

5. Monitor brand analytics

Lastly, quite an obvious one, but make sure you keep up to date with your performance. The premium A+ subscription offers a handful of valuable metrics to determine how well your product page is doing, so it’s essential to use it! Look out for your consumer’s key search terms and embed them into your copy. Again, this will make your site more visible on the search page and attract new potential customers. 

By following our tips, your A+ enhanced branded content will run a successful digital marketing site in no time, but if you’re overwhelmed or web design is not your forte, don’t panic! 

At CuCo Creative, our dedicated team is eager to bring your online branding visions to life. If your brand requires an online marketing makeover, don’t hesitate to reach out, as our digital marketing agency, Bournemouth, can’t wait to hear from you.

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