Let’s not beat around the bush; when it comes to getting information, we want it fast. So most of us adopt a lazy approach and opt for a YouTube (or even TikTok) tutorial over a text tutorial you could find on Google. 

On reflection, maybe lazy isn’t the right word; it’s just so much easier to get the information you need through video content. 

Research has shown that 83% of learning takes place visually, and video simplifies understanding by visualising and humanising something complex to do over text. 

86% of video marketers agree that video has effectively generated leads. With the growing popularity of video platforms like TikTok and Facebook, and Twitter, agree that video posts get more views. There is no arguing that videos are a successful part of a marketing campaign

While video marketing can be a fantastic tool for storytelling within an advertising campaign, you have to get them right. It’s very easy for a video to turn into a meandering talk of nonsense and leave your audience thinking, “what on earth was that?”. 

Don’t worry! You have our Bournemouth-based marketing agency eager to create a video that will take your marketing journey to the next level.

We have been responsible for making videos for many of our clients for brand awareness and advertising purposes, which we wrote about here

In our experience, we’ve collected some tips that will help you make your video successful. 

Set goals

What do you want your video to achieve with your video campaign? There’s no right or wrong answer, and every brand is different. 

You can use video for brand awareness, generating demand, driving the conversation, educating customers, or inspiring evangelism.

A simple explanation, a brand awareness video is used for reaching new customers, and a simple explanation of who your brand is. After, you might generate demand for your product by creating a tutorial or further explaining who your brand is or what your product does. Then, you would want to drive conversation where you convince potential customers to pick your product or brand over your competitors; testimonials would come in handy during this stage. 

Once you have a solid group of customers, you might create a YouTube video or webinar to further educate your customers by telling them hacks, tips, or special features about your product or brand that make them feel more confident. 

The ultimate goal is to inspire evangelism, where your customers will rave about your product so customers don’t feel like they’re being sold anything. You can capitalise on an organic and genuine love for your product.

Our agency can create every video to help you get to the phase where your brand can capitalise on the genuine love people have for your product/ brand.  

It’s up to you what kind of video you want to promote your brand, whether for advertising purposes or to promote who you are as a business for your website or a non-promoted social post. 

We’re always ready for a chat if you’re curious about what you want for your video marketing campaign. 

Select video type

Related to setting goals, now you have to decide how you’ll demonstrate your goals in video format. This might be an educational video, an explanation, a behind-the-scenes video, an interview, entertaining or funny videos, testimonials, showing a product, or a narrative documentary-style video. 

You can decide what video style you want from the goals you want to achieve. Your branding and how your brand wants to portray itself will also play a part in what type of video you put out. 

Brands like Old Spice have implemented funny and entertaining video adverts into their marketing strategy for brand awareness and changed their age demographic from 40-60 to 18-34 years old.  

This exceptional campaign increased brand awareness and drove the conversation, which inspired evangelism as more people were talking about this bizarre advertising campaign from a relatively unpopular toiletry brand. 

Advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy, whom we talked about briefly in a previous blog, were aiming for a 15% increase in sales, but by one year after the advert release, that number was 125%! 

The right video type that suits your goals will have a hugely beneficial event on your sales. 

Tell a story 

Storytelling is a crucial element in video marketing. The infamous John Lewis Christmas advert enjoys incredible success rates for a reason! They tell a story that connects and embraces its brand. 

Of course, not every video marketing piece can be a John Lewis Christmas advert (it’s only Christmas once, after all!). However, you can always tell a story.

This doesn’t have to be complex. We created a video campaign for our client WeAreFamily; the plot was simple. It was a happy family who treated their cat like a member of their family, which was very fitting for their essential brand message. The location was chosen to fit an A, B, and C1 target demographic of 25-40-year-old working families. Due to a nice plot that told the story they wanted to tell, WeAreFamily instantly reported increased sales figures. 

Ready for a video marketing campaign of your own? 

Our marketing agency is always happy to get involved in whatever campaign you have in mind! You can pop along to our Bournemouth-based agency or contact us via email or phone.

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