If you have been reading our latest blog posts (which you should have been), you will know that CuCo have had some new label and packaging designs hot off the press recently.

But when it comes to packaging in particular, CuCo know exactly what it takes to create a creative, yet effective, packaging product down to the very last detail!

It isn’t as simple as you might think. It’s not just the design that makes a successful packaging project, it’s all the finer more intricate details you wouldn’t think to consider. But CuCo know exactly how to give a product the packaging it deserves to make it fly off any shelf.

Here are just a few details you need to think about when deciding on a packaging concept:

1. Weight

The weight of your packaging is critically important, and will show your customers the quality of your product as soon as they pick it up. Your packaging material needs to be thick and heavy enough to hold the weight of your product without any strain on the material and design of your packaging. The packaging is useless if it can not hold your product safely.

2. The Style/Type

Choosing the type and style of packaging may seem like a no brainer, but you need to consider more than just your brand. You need to think about the bigger picture and the market in which you are in. When selecting a type of packaging, you need to think about your product, the competition and your budget! If you are selling a product that is a liquid this limits your packaging options. Does every other brand in your market use a can or a plastic tub, can you think outside the box and be more creative? Take Capri-Sun for example, they reinvented the idea of packaging liquids in their industry! Lastly, your budget will help steer you in the right direction in what packaging is best, as some materials and packaging options are more expensive, and therefore have better quality than others.

3. The Fit

The fit of what you may ask? Well the fit of your product in your packaging of course! The specifications to package your product are crucial – bath products for instance, if you want it shrink wrapped and packaged tightly, the fit is going to be different compared to if you’re packaging lose bath bombs inside a tissue filled box. How do you want your packaging to fit your product? This is something you need to think about in advance when designing your packaging concept.

4. Barcode

In retail, barcodes are printed on product packaging or labels for scanning at the point of sale, but there are different types of barcodes depending on the product. Books have their own unique barcode, as well as products that are shipped worldwide or just in America/Canada. Your type of barcode depends on what the product is, which is why companies like CuCo, who have special knowledge in this industry, are useful to work with to ensure you are acquiring the right barcode for your product.

5. Extensibility

A product packaging design concept should allow for an easy introduction of a new line extension (product variation) or a sub-brand. Having an extendable product packaging design is essential, as consistency and cohesiveness within the design must be identifiable in order to extend it to new products if the need arises in the future. Always think about how your product and its packaging can develop if you were to extend your product range.

6. Practicality

Practicality of a products packaging attempts to make the product as easy to use as possible, meaning it needs to be practical and easily accessible. This means paying special attention to the actual shape, size and functionality of the product container, not just the label or wrap. The more practical the product, the more sales it gets – when Heinz turned the ketchup bottle upside down, sales skyrocketed. Think of something you could do to your packaging to help boost your sales!

Ultimately, these tips show just how complex creating the perfect packaging can be, but with CuCo’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the area, we believe we are perfect for any future venture you might have.

So if you require new packaging designs for your business, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you!