Your business or organisation’s branding will be the first thing potential customers observe about your brand. Branding is a critical tool for any business; we’ve previously discussed how vital branding is to your marketing strategy here if you want to dive in a little deeper.

What you may not know about us at CuCo Creative is we are a sustainable branding agency and have been part of many clients’ eco-friendly journeys.

A sustainable brand obviously needs to have branding that encapsulates sustainability. You can’t have a brilliant product or service but let it down with branding or packaging design, for example, that doesn’t echo sustainable values.

Our creative agency thrives on designing green branding, packaging design, and marketing campaigns. Read on for a greater insight into the world of sustainable branding. 

The Brand Design

A lot goes into branding; it’s more than just a logo. Branding defines your brand language and visuals and, overall, your brand’s identity. In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of colours and shapes within branding and design, which you can read here. Shapes and colours within your branding are hugely important as they have a deeper meaning than looks alone.

For example, green is a colour primarily associated with being eco-friendly and representing nature. However, sustainable branding should never be limited to one colour, and of course, other colours may better represent your brand as long as they connect to your sustainable values.

Dissect a sustainable brand, for example, beauty company The Body Shop’s branding. You’ll find a lot of green and circles. Circles send a positive emotional message of harmony and protection, while green represents nature and sustainability. Read more about The Body Shop’s eco-friendly policies here.

When creating client Wild England, a sustainable beauty brand, we used a typeface that felt natural similar to handwriting and muted colours to show Wild England’s connection to nature in addition to having a recyclable and refillable packaging design. 

To create an eco-friendly brand design, you’ll need to associate your brand with colours, fonts, and shapes that emphasise your connection to the environment. 

Tone of Voice 

A branding agency like ours always emphasises that branding is much more than the look alone. Your brand language also forms a foundation. The brand language you use defines whether you’re formal, informal, fun, motivating, and the list goes on!

Your language allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and sustainable credentials. 

Eco-friendly vegan brand Oatly is self-aware and humorous with its brand language, which has played its part in Oatly’s success as one of the favourite vegan milk alternative brands.

Our agency created the branding and brand language for the eco-friendly hair & beauty brand Scrummi. We developed a brave, cocky, and at times, humorous language that was always informative.

This was crucial for their brand, wanting to inform potential customers of the benefits of using their single-use salon towels but not bore customers with formal and serious brand language. 

Being informative about sustainable branding is useful, as you can explain more about your eco-friendly brand and how sustainable the packaging is. 

Sustainable Packaging Design 

Most sustainable products will need packaging design, from food and drink to health and beauty products. I know they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but they do, and they will!

Your packaging design will be the first place many potential customers experience your branding, so it has to be appealing whilst shouting about your sustainable credentials.

We passionately believe every brand should embrace eco-friendly packaging, especially if you’re a sustainable brand. We all want to protect our planet and build a better future, right?

You can’t have eye-catching branding and let your brand down at the last hurdle by having non-recyclable packaging.

As a branding and packaging design agency, we will always promote a sustainable approach to all our projects. Our print partners are FSC-approved, and the use of recyclable or biodegradable materials are used at all times. 

Do you want sustainable branding?

Has this blog inspired you to create new branding for your business, one with a sustainable approach? If so, we’re your guys! 

Our creative agency will guide you from start to finish, from branding to packaging design to marketing and advertising materials. 

If you can, take a CO2-free wander along to our Bournemouth design agency or if it is easier, contact us online.

We look forward to creating some eco-friendly branding solutions for your brand!