Packaging design tends to be the first thing a potential customer will see and ultimately make a judgement on when looking at your product. 

For example, if your luxury eco-friendly product is packaged in a cheap-feeling, flimsy plastic box, you’re letting your brand down. Therefore, communicating your brand through your packaging design is critical. 

What is branding?

Let’s start at the beginning. Our agency specialises in creating branding journeys that tell your story. A quick explanation, branding is giving meaning to your product or service by creating and shaping your brand to potential customers’ minds. 

Branding is so much more than a visual brand identity. It’s also your brand language and how you utilise that with your tone of voice, your brand’s purpose & values, and positioning statement etc.

An amazing branding journey is vital in maintaining a good relationship with potential customers.

How could you merge branding and packaging design? 

Branding is an incredibly important part of a product or service, and it should be incorporated into your packaging design. Think about your brand, story, and values, then apply these to your packaging design. This can be done by the external packaging you use. 

Online retailers like Amazon make great use of their external packaging. They print their branding on paper tape and cardboard boxes for easy brand recognition, and it’s free advertising for them. These cardboard boxes are very plain in design, but by having their logo clearly printed onto the side, it’s acted as advertising for the company. 

When stripped of its branding, the packaging design itself is simple, with no complex shapes or folding techniques. Still, it is sturdy and reliable, which is fitting with Amazon’s mission as a company. 

Famously, technology company Apple uses their minimalist branding on their packaging to give customers an experience that has turned a relatively mundane (but luxury) purchase into a sensory journey.  Adding to the sensory journey, there are multiple layers of high-quality packaging within an Apple box, including a pulp inlay. Even ignoring the infamous Apple branding, the packaging design is a genius example of a journey with a product.

If you have an eco-friendly product, you can show this part of your brand using sustainable packaging design. If you have a luxury product, you can share a journey with your audience using high-quality packaging. 

Brand colours, tone of voice, and brand language come into play too. Eco-Friendly and B Corp certified toilet paper company Who Gives A Crap uses their tone of voice and brand language on their packaging with witty jokes on the toilet paper packaging and the recyclable box they are shipped in. Of course, Who Gives A Crap uses sustainable packaging design. Even without the branding visible, all packaging is recyclable and they are plastic free. 

What have we done for previous clients to merge packaging design with their branding? 

For our client, the eco-friendly luxury toiletry brand “Wild England”, their branding displayed their branding on their packaging design by using sustainable cardboard as their main external packaging displayed with their simple and rustic typography. 

The packaging of their product was a refillable and recyclable glass container with neutral brand colours that connected their brand to nature. 

Their brand statement of creating a collection of high-quality, stylish, sustainable and reliable glass hotel amenity products using organic, vegan, and cruelty-free fragrances that enhance the guest experience was integral to their brand. They also wanted to address the growing plastic problem head-on, and their packaging design had to reflect this. 

Our packaging design agency worked with Wild England to create their branding and design their packaging. 

Wild England’s packaging had to feel luxurious as a high-end toiletry brand, so using bad-quality materials that weren’t good for the planet was out of the question. Instead, Wild England opted for mycelium glass holders, shatterproof glass, and high-quality cardboard with sustainable FSC materials and inks for the packaging. 

In constructing the packaging design for Wild England, we incorporated their branding with high-quality eco-friendly materials and used the same brand colours we had used for their branding. 

Why should you incorporate your branding into your packaging design?

You can have the best product, but uninteresting or garish packaging scares away potential customers that would love your product. The average person sees over 4000 adverts every day, so boring packaging doesn’t cut it in 2023. 

Suppose your target audience is shown your product (that doesn’t have branded packaging design) and a competitor’s product that displays their branding clearly on their packaging. In that case, the competitor will win the sale by catching their attention alone.

CuCo Creative doesn’t want that! You don’t want that! This is why you need to have clear and eye-catching branded packaging design, even if it’s a fantastic product.

We understand that this is all a lot of work for one business, which is why our Bournemouth-based branding agency CuCo Creative specialises in telling sustainable brand journeys through packaging design (look at our case studies if you don’t believe us!). 

If you like what you hear, get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling with your new packaging that lets your audience know about your brand.