Throughout CuCo Creative history, we’ve worked with numerous tourism clients, including: Nickelodeon Adventure Lakeside, Sea Life, The London Dungeons, Arts by the Sea Festival, and more. 

Being a Bournemouth-based marketing agency, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by regular tourist events in this seaside town. 

Not only do we love creating marketing campaigns for our tourism clients, but we also make these campaigns as sustainable as possible.  

What is eco-tourism?

Eco-tourism is, as defined by the National Geographic is a “framework for engaging travellers and the travel industry at large in supporting goals that include protecting the environment, addressing climate change, minimizing plastic consumption, and expanding economic development in communities affected by tourism.” 

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) defines it as “an aspiration to acknowledge all impacts of tourism, both positive and negative…to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the positive ones.”

Tourism can catalyse growth in the local economy, providing good quality jobs and opportunities for enterprise and funds for conservation. However, a recent study suggested that tourism accounts for 8% of global greenhouse emissions, which is a large percentage. 

An increased size of the UK population opts for UK holidays over holidays abroad, as there is more of an interest in green tourism. This means that seaside towns like ours in Bournemouth are full of tourism events for every tourist visiting the biggest town in Dorset.

How do you use marketing within eco-tourism?

There are small steps you can take to make your sustainable tourism destination have eco-friendly marketing too. 

The materials that you use within your sustainable marketing strategy is essential. Brochures can be recycled, and at CuCo Creative, we go the extra mile. 

Our print providers are FSC accredited and only use biodegradable vegetable inks reinforced with state-of-the-art eco-friendly print technology so you can ensure promotional brochures used within your marketing are as sustainable as they can be. 

The packaging design can make a difference if you plan to use a product within your marketing campaign. For example, if you want to hand out souvenirs, the packaging design must be sustainable to further your sustainable tourism. Our agency has experience creating packaging design for many clients and knows how to create eye-catching and sustainable packaging design. 

In tourism, you need a website. In the increasingly digital world, good web design is essential to make an impact within the tourist industry. If you’re a tourism destination dedicated to sustainability, it is a bonus to have an eco-friendly website. 

At CuCo Creative, our server and web hosting is powered by renewable energy, so you reduce your carbon footprint by having your website active with us. Even within our office, we use Ecologi, so in creating creative campaigns, from packaging design to branding to web design to marketing, it’s sustainable. 

A summary of marketing in sustainable tourism 

Marketing is a needed tool within the tourism industry. Traditional forms of marketing are great for all forms of tourism, like print advertising. However, there are ways of making these forms of advertising eco-friendly too, like using printing partners approved by the FSC, as we at CuCo Creative do.

Combining great design and sustainable principles is what our marketing agency does best, so if you’re ever in doubt about marketing, packaging design, graphic design, or digital work and you need help making yourself more eco-friendly (and look great doing it), contact our Bournemouth agency today!