We love creating video marketing content at CuCo Creative. It can prove to be not only a captivating tool but an incredibly engaging one too. In a previous blog our marketing agency discussed how to make a video marketing campaign successful, where we briefly touched on the power of storytelling. 

Where do you begin when creating your video marketing content? It all starts with a storyboard. Developing a well-structured storyboard offers you the perfect platform to tell the desired story through your advertising campaign.

So what does a storyboard do? A storyboard ensures that your video advertising campaign’s message is clear and concise. They also detail a complete narrative, highlighting all key brand messages. Storyboards are also great for understanding your campaign’s style before you start filming and how you want your audience to feel and ironing out potential problems. A storyboard maps out the finer details, such as individual shots, camera angle, lighting, and transitions, along with dialogue and other notes.

There are many reasons why a storyboard is essential when filming, from feature-length films to adverts. You may be left thinking, “how do I create a fantastic storyboard, then?” read on to find out!  

Have a clear purpose in mind 

What do you want your video content or advert to achieve? First, consider whether you want brand awareness, generate demand, or educate customers. Then think about how you’ll accomplish that.

When you’ve decided what your brand wants to achieve, think about your key message to achieve your advertising goals. 

Your key message should be clear, concise, and, most importantly: persuasive; it is video advertising, after all. 

To have strong key messaging, keep your target audience and brand identity in mind and alter your tone of voice accordingly. 

You’re selling your key message, so it’s vital to make it perfect, as it will persuade your customers and drive your advertising campaign’s purpose, so it’s easy to understand for both the customer and yourself. 

Understand what script you want

You have your key message; now you’ve got to interpret that into a script. A good script is needed before you start visualising your storyboard.

Branding is hugely beneficial in deciding what kind of script you want, as your tone of voice will play a part in what script you pick. 

The script doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage, but a general idea of what you’ll say and what your advert will look like.

A script is an essential guideline in deciding your advertisement’s look and feel. From here, you can see if it meets the goals you want to achieve before filming. 

An advert is selling your brand, so your tone of voice will affect what style your script will be, whether it will be serious or funny or informative. 


Before creating the storyboard, consider what you want in your advert. Think about what theme you want, and your choice of characters, setting, location, and props are all critical.

After that, it’s the fun bit, the creative bit.

You can start sketching your thumbnails and annotate each scene with details, what shots and angles you’ll use, and what speech will be in the scene. 

Identifying key scenes is also essential during this stage, where you can decide what scenes you think are most crucial, like the grand opening shot or a product shot. You can choose what scenes engage the viewer and drive them to take action. 

Lights, Camera, Action! 

A lot goes into creating a storyboard and a video marketing campaign; this is just the start! 

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We’re always happy to work with you to create branding, design, and marketing campaigns that take your brand to the next level.