Lush Cosmetics is a 25-year-old eco-friendly luxury cosmetic company.

They’ve caused several stirs through the 25 years they’ve been open, from the closure of their Regent Street store as the landlords didn’t like their protest against animal testing to (most recently) their announcement that they’d no longer use social media marketing in 2021. 

Who are Lush Cosmetics? 

It’s no secret that we are passionate about sustainability. We’ve worked with eco-friendly cosmetic client Wild England to create their packaging design and many other green businesses, we pride ourselves on being a sustainable marketing agency.

Given that tidbit of our eco-friendly passion, we have a special place in our hearts for Lush Cosmetics.

But who are Lush Cosmetics, and what makes them sustainable? 

In their 25-year history, there’s no denying Lush Cosmetics have been very innovative. The co-founder of Lush Cosmetics, Mo Constantine, invented the first-ever bath bomb, and they haven’t stopped there inventing many other cosmetic items.

Their sustainable values mean they use mostly natural ingredients and minimal packaging design (in most cases, just opting for a recyclable paper bag or no packaging at all) and, of course, not testing on animals. They’re also ethical, supporting many charities and outsourcing the creation of their silk wraps and reusable bags to a social enterprise in India that focuses on environmental and social care.

Their eco-friendly range of high-quality and strong-smelling luxury cosmetics has made Lush Cosmetics one of the most popular sustainable cosmetic brands.

That’s why everyone was a bit surprised when Lush Cosmetics announced they’d no longer use social media marketing. 

Why do they no longer use social media marketing?

It’s worth mentioning that 2021 wasn’t the first time Lush Cosmetics “quit” social media. 

In 2019 they announced that they’d be quitting social media, but the Covid-19 pandemic saw them end that. Lockdown rules dwindled their sales due to stores being closed in most parts of the world for a large period of time, having to go back to social media marketing to drive Lush Cosmetic’s online sales.

Lush Cosmetics’ reason for leaving social media was that they didn’t want to pay to appear on social media newsfeeds and, instead, claims they’ve found alternative ways to talk to their customers.

However, Lush Cosmetics’ departure from social media will cost the firm an estimated £10 million minimum in sales. 

In addition, it makes customer service poorer. Being able to message Lush Cosmetics for a quick query on a product is now something that will have to be done over the phone or email, something a lot of potential customers won’t want to do over a quick, direct message.

How have Lush Cosmetics been marketing since? 

Very fitting for Lush Cosmetics, they’ve opted for certain forms of guerrilla marketing. 

Lush Cosmetics has collaborated with the sci-fi drama Netflix show Stranger Things to create a limited edition bath bomb set for the premier of the new series of the hit show. 

They’ve also collaborated with fashion retailer Lazy Oaf to create an array of products from body spray to bath bombs to pyjamas.

On top of their collaborations, they have been seen doing many other direct marketing techniques. This included giving out 100 thousand of their bath bombs for free on World Bath Bomb Day. 

In July 2022, Lush Cosmetics announced a large investment of £7.6 million into new shops, relocations and refits across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. 

Another guerrilla marketing technique Lush Cosmetics used was a pop-up lounge in the popular shopping centre Westfield London to boost its relationship with shoppers.  

They’ve also made several digital investments, including a well-being app and podcast. 

What does this mean for social media marketing? 

Honestly, not a lot. 

More than half of the world uses social media, so not utilising social media marketing is a huge amount of revenue to miss, especially when experts predict that 4.4 billion people will be using social media by 2027. 

People use social media to gain new information about your product and have direct contact with a brand. Social media humanises your brand and offers an easier customer service experience for a customer, potential or returning. 

Social media marketing is great for brand awareness, with half of adult internet users saying that when brands use their data in marketing, it helps them discover and find products and services that interest them. 

Adding to that, people are also six times more likely to purchase from a product page that includes pictures on social media, and more people trust influencers than conventional marketing.

Lush Cosmetics’ guerrilla marketing campaigns were successful for the sustainable brand. However, who’s to say if it would’ve been more successful if they had an active social media presence? 

Like a bath bomb, we’re all fizzled out!

That’s enough Lush talk for us, at least for now. Let’s talk about your brand! 

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