All the information you will find on this page is courtesy of the Design Council, the national strategic body for design.

As branding and design experts, CuCo know that businesses which use design perform better than their rivals. There’s unmistakable proof of that in the Design Council’s Value of Design Factfinder, a unique online information tool. It shows the positive impact of design on practically every measure of business performance, including market share, growth, productivity, share price and competitiveness.

Data from the Design Council National Survey of Firms 2005, previously published as Design in Britain, showed that:

• Two-thirds of companies who ignore design have to compete mainly on price. In companies where design is integral, just one-third do so.
• More than eight out of ten design-led companies had introduced a new product or service in the last three years, compared to just 40 per cent of UK companies overall. 83% of companies in which design is integral had seen their market share increase, compared to the UK average of 46%
• Design is integral to 39% of rapidly growing companies but to only 7% of static ones.
• 80 per cent of design-led businesses had opened up new markets in the last three years. Only 42% of UK businesses overall had done so.
• A business that increases its investment in design is more than twice as likely to see its turnover grow as a business that does not do so.
(Source: Design Council National Survey of Firms 2005)

The Design Council has now updated the Value of Design Factfinder with findings from its Added Value Research 2007. This research demonstrates that the more value businesses add to their core products and services, the better they do. Furthermore, business benefits are even more marked where businesses are adding value through design. For example:

• 34% of businesses that see design as integral or significant say added value has had a great impact on their turnover. Where design plays only a limited role, the proportion is just 21%.
• Businesses that add a lot of value are half as likely to compete on price and more than twice as likely to compete on innovation as businesses that rely on their core product or service.
(Source: Design Council National Value of Design Factfinder 2007)

The positive impact of design:
Every £100 a design alert business spends on design increases turnover by £225

You can download the pdf [ here ] (5.7 Mb)

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