When you reach a dead end in sales and business growth, it’s time to call CuCo Creative. Our experts in our creative marketing agency will be ready to inspect, evaluate and help get your business back on its path. Nine times out of 10 of the solutions seem to just require a simple brand refresh/ tidy up, so we’ll tell you the exact way to elevate your existing branding and marketing communications. 

The art of illustration, for the sole purpose of helping understand or imagine something better, is often all it takes. Incorporating illustrations in your branding can do exactly that by making any complex messages simple. By supporting your brand story and image, illustrations can add a character or feel to your brand, helping you better communicate your vision and goals to your audience. Illustration often adds extra quality to your brand, creating an instant appeal and making your brand more unique and memorable. So, let’s learn how to utilise illustration across your whole brand to get your business stuck out of the mud! 

In a world where visual content reigns supreme, the role of illustration in packaging design can not be understated. Packaging is often the first point of content between a brand and its consumers, so in the sea of products in a supermarket or online marketplaces, you will want yours to stand out! By using creative illustration in packaging design, you gain increased opportunity for your consumers to spot you first. Your creative illustrations, whether big or minor, across your packaging design will help your potential customers get a taste of your brand personality at first glance, which is far sooner than your competition’s standard product. So, let’s kill a consumer’s decision time and let them fall for your brand’s story immediately in the hopes of gaining additional sales with our packaging design specialists.  

If your branding incorporates illustration, your marketing materials must do so, too! If visuals are the key to capturing attention in packaging design, then the same rule applies in your advertising and marketing communications. Many brands obtain various marketing assets, so keeping them synergised across all channels is important. Even simple illustrations can easily make your brand fluent across select channels like social media, poster designs, leaflet designs, and more. Custom illustrations allow brands to tailor visuals to their specific tone, style, and messaging, ensuring consistency and authenticity in their marketing efforts. 

Finally, what’s physical must also rely on digital. In the digital age, a brand’s website serves as its virtual storefront, again making a strong first impression crucial. Illustrations can play a vital role in shaping the user experience and guiding visitors through the site, all whilst reinforcing the brand’s identity. Whether used as decorative elements, visual aids, or interactive features, illustrations can make your complex concepts more digestible and engaging for the audience. Our digital marketing agency loves to add small illustrations to our client’s web designs as we love to boost effectiveness. 

At the end of the day, our creative marketing team at CuCo Creative are all about making brands big, bold, and brave, and illustration designs certainly play their part in achieving this. Brands must find ways to differentiate themselves and forge meaningful connections with consumers through their brand story, which is exactly why we will refresh your branding upon request. No matter how small or big, our branding agency will be happy to incorporate any illustrative designs across creative printed marketing material, packaging design, web designs, digital marketing, and more so you can reap all the rewards of an elevated brand

If you want your brand to level up, don’t hesitate to contact us; our Bournemouth and London based creative design team would love to help!