Exhibition stands allow you to reach your audience and communicate your branding directly. Year-round, there are countless exhibition events for every business imaginable, and taking part in them should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Our design agency creates bespoke exhibition stands for brands of all sizes, having recently designed and built a sustainable stand for camera optic giant Leica. Our creative team also design modular exhibition stands for various brands, with aerospace tool support company GSE being a great example. At CuCo Creative, we pride ourselves on designing eye-catching exhibition stands and understand their power as a marketing channel to advertise and tell your brand story.

Represents your brand 

An exhibition stand is an excellent addition to your marketing campaign as it represents your brand. Of course, it’s essential to stand out and get your brand the attention it deserves through your exhibition stand, which you can do with the help of our tips here. However, an exhibition stand is an opportunity to display what your brand is all about quickly. 

Are you eco-friendly? Luxury? Affordable? What is your service? You can effectively communicate this message by connecting with your customers in real life with your exhibition stand.

A bespoke exhibition stand can be tailored and custom-made to your specifications and needs, and you can choose to display or not display whatever you want. In addition, a bespoke exhibition stand can be tailored specifically to your branding and impresses potential customers with your stand’s originality.

Engage with your target audience

A unique marketing feature of exhibition stands is that it gives your target audience a chance to explore your brand. Your target audience can ask questions and visually explore without having limitations. You’ll be exposed to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people within your target demographic, and it’s essential to catch their eye effectively. 

This can be done with entertainment features within your stand, like a television, games, or refreshments, but it can also be done with looks alone. 

Sometimes, love at first sight, is real. When it comes to exhibition stand design, a good-looking stand could be all it takes to attract your target audience to your stand initially. The bespoke exhibition stands our agency design always inspire and generate great interest. Like the one we designed for Leica, which instantly garnered interest due to the living wall and wooden frame, making a difference from many other display stands at the event. 

What makes you, you? 

In marketing, a USP (Unique Selling Point) is critical to your sales. You’ve got to have a unique selling point that sets you aside from your competitors. This can easily be done with an exhibition stand, where you can directly communicate your message to potential customers.  

With both modular and bespoke exhibition stands, you can display your product and what makes it special, even offering freebies, and who doesn’t love freebies? 

Your exhibition stand boosting your marketing campaign success 

An exhibition stand provides a platform to promote your product or service to a group with little or no knowledge of your services to your target demographic. 

Exhibition stands step away from modern technology and data-led marketing to offer an authentic marketing experience where you can effectively communicate your product to customers. They can also be fantastic opportunities to find out what potential customers think about your branding and get direct feedback on your product or service.  

Attending exhibitions is crucial to knowing what competitors are doing and how the market looks for similar products. 

In short, exhibition stands allow you to garner the attention of your target demographic through design and powerful messaging, which ultimately affects how many people look at your stand. 

If you need a modular or bespoke exhibition stand expertly designed by our team of in-house Bournemouth-based designers, Look no further! Get in touch