Still think AI is a thing of the future? Think again!

Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter, faster and cheaper, and is an increasingly integral part of many industries – including marketing!

Here’s 5 examples of how AI is being used in marketing RIGHT NOW:

#1 Product/content recommendations

AI-based clustering and interpreting customer data, profile information and demographics has enabled companies to build their product offerings around the ability to provide highly relevant and personalised product and content recommendations. These AI-based systems continually adapt to our likes and dislikes and react with new, relevant recommendations in real-time – resulting in increased engagement and sales metrics.

#2 Visual search

Forget the days where you had to type words into the search engine to find relevant results – instead, say Hello! to visual search. Visual search enables you to find results that are visually similar to one another and can be extremely useful in both marketing and retail.

Big online retailers, such as Asos, are already using visual search in order to enhance customer experiences through their ‘Asos Style Match’. The tool allows people to upload an image to Asos and search the Asos’ product catalogue for similar items.

Furthermore, the new function provides useful insights for marketers and allows them to enhance their social media strategy by offerings ways to identify visual trends and find uses of brand products and logos.

#3 In-depth customer profiles

Artificial Intelligence also provides marketers with solutions for deeper customer insights and analysis – enabling them to send out the right messages to the right people at the right time and therefore enhance customer experiences through highly personalised content. An extremely powerful tool!

#4 Digital Ad Optimisation

AI has enabled online ads to become smarter and more effective than ever before. AI can determine things like the best time of the day to post an ad and even calculate the probability of users engaging with the ad. An extremely valuable tool.

#5 Copywriting

Will AI be taking all our jobs eventually? Perhaps. AI is now even able to craft copy. A company called ‘Phrasee’ have developed an AI system that is able to write email headers that mimic the brand’s tone of voice and even create advertising copy for Facebook and Instagram! The company prides itself on being able to produce content that is indistinguishable from those written by humans and can even use emojis correctly! A fascinating, yet slightly scary development.

Would you use AI for your marketing?

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