If online product sales are a key feature of your brand’s business growth strategy, leveraging the right e-commerce platform should be right at the top of your list of priorities.

As luck may have it, CuCo offer design and build on the leading commerce platform for fast-growing and mid-market brands, BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is currently the chosen platform for businesses in over 150 countries globally and partners with the likes of Toyota, Gibson Guitars and Travelpro.

A more cost-effective option than on-premise solutions like Magento, BigCommerce is built with online sales front of mind, with a UX designed to drive more traffic, convert more visitors and seamlessly sell on multiple channels from a single location.

Here’s our 5 top reasons why BigCommerce could be a top choice for your next online shop:

1) BigCommerce offer an incredibly practical set of e-commerce tools – all included as part of their monthly package!

Integration with email newsletter tools (auto-responder), creating coupons / promotion campaigns, unlimited product variations (e.g. different t-shirt colours and sizes), shipping and tax configurations, secure payment gateway integrations, handling returns, store statistics reporting, social sharing, product wishlist, product reviews, etc. BigCommerce is so much more than just a website builder – the platform sets up your online store with all the E-commerce tools you never knew you needed to help you sell more products!

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2) BigCommerce helps you grow your sales by leveraging the big sales websites

BigCommerce can integrate your store with Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Google Shopping, and even price comparison websites, giving you the opportunity to reach even more potential customers!

3) BigCommerce allows you to add more advanced tools with their large App store

Although BigCommerce already provides you with a comprehensive set of online tools (more than a lot of it’s competitors in fact), should you feel the need for more, they have an App store where you can browse, purchase and ‘bolt on’ more advanced tools to take your store to the next level.These apps are created by third party developers and include more advanced tools for accounting, shipping, promotion/marketing, order management, live chat, email marketing, in-depth analysis and more! These tools help you promote your products more effectively, automate your daily mundane tasks even further, and just gives a lot more firepower without taking up any more of your time.

4) BigCommerce offers over 100 templates which you can preview before committing to a subscription

Although BigCommerce only offers 7 free templates (compared to competitor Shopify Plus who offer 24 free templates), they do have over 100 premium / paid templates which, along with the free templates, can all be previewed here.

5) BigCommerce offers 24/7 real-time help across all support channels

BigCommerce live up to their promise of providing global, world-class support by offering it’s customers 24/7 help via phone, email and live chat!

Want to know more? A hosted e-commerce platform like BigCommerce could be a great fit for your online business! Here at CuCo, we are experts in website design and development, and we would LOVE to assist you in building your online hosted platform! Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.