With over 400 stores worldwide and a presence in 41 countries, the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has been one of the most successful global furniture retailers for over a decade. And in recent years, sustainability has become an increasingly important factor in IKEA’s business and marketing strategy. In its ‘People & Planet Positive’ sustainability report, the company outlines its 2030 sustainability strategy, which includes sourcing 100% of its wood, paper and cardboard from recycled or FSC certified wood, making their products more sustainable with substantiated environmental improvements and producing as much renewable energy as it consumes. 

Earlier this year, IKEA also opened the doors of its leading sustainable store in Greenwich, which was designed to have ‘a positive impact on the environment and promote a healthy, sustainable living’. The new eco-friendly store uses 100% renewable energy and a number of renewal construction materials and green technologies to minimise its impact on the planet. But not only this, IKEA also encourages customers to travel to the sustainable store in the most sustainable way – by foot.

IKEA Steps Adverts

The global retailer is truly making efforts to reduce its environmental impact and claims that ‘Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at IKEA’.

However, one question still remains:

Can a company that relies on a low-cost, high-volume business model that encourages mass-consumption ever be truly sustainable?

This is exactly the issue the brand is trying to tackle in its latest campaign called ‘The Sustainable Living Project’. IKEA’s first sustainable campaign urges customers to rethink buying new products and encourages them to recycle, repurpose and reuse rather than to buy new things.

Sustainable Living Project

The main three focus points of the campaign are grow your own, waste reduction and home efficiency.

On their website, the furniture retailer shares great tips on how customers can be more sustainable and will also be running a 3-day event in-stores to educate and inspire shoppers around sustainability.

A great campaign and truly inspiring and brave move!

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