Packaging design is one of our many passions at our design agency CuCo Creative, especially discovering new sustainable packaging design solutions.

Being a packaging design agency always looking for new solutions to be as eco-friendly as possible, Great Wrap caught our eye from the new Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

Great Wrap was founded by Jordy and Julia Kay, who was inspired to create Great Wrap after seeing countless palettes wrapped in petroleum-based plastic wrap in their workplaces.

Jordy and Julia decided to quit their jobs and look into sustainable solutions to plastic. They found their answer in the novel potato.  Jordy and Julia work with a company that converts potato waste into starch, which can be made into their cling film alternative.

Great Wrap breaks down in 180 days and is completely biodegradable and free from microplastics. 

Alternatives to conventional plastic packaging are becoming more common as we’re more aware of the harm plastics have on the environment. 

Our packaging design agency has used all types of sustainable materials, including mycelium, as a storage solution for the eco-friendly luxury toiletry brand Wild England. At CuCo Creative, we’re always looking for other plant-based and biodegradable packaging designs for sustainable solutions for our clients and ourselves. 

Great Wrap isn’t the only company converting food waste into packaging. Waitrose incorporates 15% food waste into their packaging design for their range of gluten-free red lentil and green pea pasta, using recycled pulses infused into the cardboard. 

Every day, we’re aware of more, like bagasse made from plant fibre left behind after sugarcane’s sugar-bearing juice is extracted. Bagasse can be an alternative to plastic containers, bowls, cups, plates and other single-use packaging designs. 

Eco-friendly packaging design doesn’t stop at the external packaging alone; there are ways to keep your product free of damage without harming the environment. For example, the sustainable beauty brand Lush used popcorn as a packaging solution but found an even better alternative. They now use packaging peanuts made of vegetable starch that are compostable, dissolvable, and even edible! These packaging peanuts produce 23% less energy than popcorn to produce and produce 7.5 times more packaging material.

This is only the start of the packaging design revolution. Companies like Traceless, which we talked about more here, turn brewery residues into a range of plastic-free films, coatings, and ridged materials that are competent compostable and will break down in 2-9 weeks, so you can forget all about Dry January (kinda).

Sustainable packaging design is at our core as a packaging design agency. We’re very proud of being eco-friendly and are proud to say we work with Ecologi, have planted over 1000 trees, and have avoided more than 2 million certified tonnes of CO2! You can read more about us as a sustainable agency here

We’re always up for creating new projects and creating fantastic solutions for our clients that are as eco-friendly as possible. Do you need branding, marketing, or eco-friendly packaging design that will make your competitors “green” with envy? Walk (or bus!) down to our Bournemouth packaging design agency, or contact us via email or phone to see what we can do for you.