A number of UK supermarkets have committed to moving towards more sustainable, plastic-free packaging. As packaging experts and great advocates of sustainable packaging solutions, we think that’s great news!

At the beginning of last year, Iceland was the first major retailer to commit to eliminate plastic packaging for all their ‘own-brand’ products by 2023. The retailer aims to replace all its plastic packaging and food trays with paper trays within the next 4 years.

Iceland seems to be leading the sustainable retail revolution, not only with its packaging, but also its ingredients. Only a few months ago, the frozen food retailer made headlines when it banned palm oil from all its own-label products to play its part in preventing deforestation and extinction of endangered species, such as the Orang-utan.

But that’s not all. Other high-street grocery retailers are now following Iceland’s example, with Marks & Spencer currently trialing plastic-free aisles in some of their stores, which are filled with over 90 lines of loose fruit and vegetables to help save the environment and move towards a more sustainable future! In order to prevent food waste at home, M&S has even removed the “best before” date labels on these foods.

Fruit and Vegetables in Shopping basket

The movement towards a more sustainable future is undeniably getting louder and the consumer pressure on brands to support this movement is immense.

“With the grocery retail sector accounting for nearly half of all plastic packaging in the UK, it’s about time that British supermarkets start tackling this issue”, said Iceland Director Richard Walker.

And we can’t wait to see more sustainable packaging solutions in the future and help our clients to explore more of the exciting, plastic-free packaging options.

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