Does anyone else feel short-changed when they’ve finished eating but are still hungry… if only you could top up by eating the packaging your food comes in! Of course, maybe that’s limited to our food-loving packaging design agency, or maybe not!

While there’s an increase in people caring about sustainability in their everyday purchasing decisions, creative inventors are designing new alternatives for eco-friendly packaging. 

Edible food packaging has been available in the simplest of forms for many a year, like an ice cream cone. However, new innovative thinking is now bringing amazing ideas to the table. For example, edible plastic-free options are coming to the market, offering a great sustainable approach to food packaging and a tasty option when hunger strikes! 


You might’ve seen these in the news, as they’re often used by sporting events like the London Marathon. In 2018, the London Marathon used 920,000 plastic bottles. To combat the plastic problem littering London’s streets, they got Notpla to create edible pods of energy drinks to be handed out to the runners instead of plastic cups. 

Notpla is not only edible, but if you aren’t a big fan of seaweed, you can spit out the pod that will naturally degrade in weeks.  

Notpla has created more than eco-friendly drink pods that fill our desire to eat a washing pod. They’ve created takeaway boxes that will biodegrade like a piece of fruit, pipettes for olive oil, paper packaging, and sachets for sauces like ketchup.

They’re looking at developing printed films with integrated waste materials (e.g. fruit peels) and flavoured films integrated with spices and other flavourings such as honey; they’re like Willy Wonka for food packaging design! 


Similar to Notpla, Evoware work with seaweed. They have a variety of edible plastic alternatives, from straws to containers.  

Our personal favourite? Their Ello Jello Cup! You’re never too old for jelly and ice cream (ice cream optional) with their jelly cup made from seaweed. These sustainable plastic-free cup alternatives are flavoured with: orange, lychee, green tea, or plain, although I’d personally go with orange.

Wash down this edible cup with an edible rice straw; if you don’t fancy eating your drinks, the cup is biodegradable and home compost in 7 days. Evoware’s rice straws are water soluble, biodegradable, and home compostable!  


This eco-friendly start-up has devised a technique to turn agricultural waste, such as starch or brewery residues, into a range of plastic-free films, coatings and ridged materials. You heard it right; beer is becoming a sustainable packaging alternative. 

This alternative is entirely compostable, breaking down in 2-9 weeks (depending on the thickness) and can go straight to the home compost bin. 

It’s even safe to eat, even if it doesn’t taste great, and will be eaten by animals (to no adverse effects) or be completely broken down into CO2 and H20 if it ends up in the environment or oceans. 

This invention won them 2021’s Green Alley Award for using farming waste to create packaging. 

From food packaging to non-food packaging, this is an excellent innovation in packaging design.

Packaging design is our passion 

We are a sustainable marketing agency that specialises in eco-friendly packaging design. New attractive options in packaging get us excited for the future of packaging design; and how to implement these options in future campaigns for both our food and drink clients and our non-food clients.

At CuCo Creative, we love nothing more than to be involved in a brand’s green journey. If your brand wants to have its own eco-friendly journey, get us involved; let’s have a chat!