The first subject we will touch on is folding. There are many techniques to fold paper for use in flyers, leaflets, brochures – in fact, anything that is printed may be folded in some way.

All Designers fold.

Folding is a primary design tool.

It has applications for packaging designers, architects, product designers, fashion designers and many more professionals.

And yet, as Paul Jackson said in his famous book From Sheet To Form, despite being so ubiquitous, folding as a design topic is rarely discussed.

Although for the majority of people, the notion of folding is synonyms with the brightly-coloured square paper sheets of origami, all manner of sheet materials can in fact be folded.

For creative design agencies like CuCo, folding techniques can have many helpful applications.

They can lay down the order in which information is delivered for maximum effect, like in a DL tourism leaflet. They can add that special extra step in direct mail to really make your creative idea jump off the page and get your consumer’s attention. Or they can even encase products to transform your ordinary product into a ‘gift-able item’ and drastically increase the price-point value.

Great ready. It’s time for you to learn all about folding techniques, and how to use them creatively.

Here we explore the basics of folding techniques for Creative Designers. They’re the most common folds and should enable you to design a successful concept.

Types of folding:


single fold

Accordian/Z fold/Concertina

accordian / z fold / concertina fold

Closed gate

closed gate fold

Parallel map

parallel map fold


signature fold


broadside / broadsheet fold

Concertina letter

concertina letter fold

Standard/C fold/Biz letter

standard / c-fold / biz letter fold


gate fold

Parallel double

parallel double fold


roll fold


endorsment fold

French/right angle

french / right angle fold

Parallel booklet

parallel booklet fold

Once, you’ve had a look, why not print this page off, then fold it? Will you choose a signature, concertina or roll fold?

For help incorporating folding techniques into your next project, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – let’s get creative!

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