I mean, who needs ongoing SEO services anyway, right? CuCo’s awesome digital team are at hand to offer an insight!

SEO isn’t just a one time thing that your business can check off a list and never have to worry about it again. Instead, SEO is an ongoing activity, meaning you need to keep on top of it to avoid falling back.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Someone needs to monitor your results

So, you just invested a lot of time in getting your website fully SEO optimised. But how well is your new SEO strategy actually working? Well, that’s why the results of your SEO strategy need to be monitored. It might be that some pages aren’t performing as they should and they need to be adjusted. Or that the chosen strategy simply isn’t working and it’s time to try another one. Ongoing SEO services can help you compare strategies and determine what works best for you and your website. It ensures that your pages stay at the top of the search results, by making necessary adjustments early on!

  1. You need to stay ahead of your competitors 

Every good marketer knows that keeping an eye on your competition is key to stay on top of the game! And this, of course, is also the case for SEO. Without ongoing SEO, your competition could get ahead of you and start outranking you for keywords that you use and potentially costing you sales! So changes need to be made quickly to get ahead of your competition. 

  1. SEO algorithms are constantly changing

Did you know that Google changes its algorithm around 500-600 times a year? That’s a hell of a lot of algorithm changes! And whilst most of these changes are insignificant, some can have huge effects on your ranking, giving you yet another reason why ongoing SEO is so important. 

But don’t fear – our digital experts can help you keep on top of these changes and help you make the necessary adjustments. Interested in finding out more about our ongoing SEO services? Then contact us