All the information you will find on this page is courtesy of the Design Council, the national strategic body for design.

Challs products didn’t stand out on shelf. Serious** needed to stop competitors mimicking its logo. Harrison Fisher needed to fight back against overseas competition. Whether they were small, medium or large, manufacturing, farming or waste management companies, these case studies showcase design that has made business sense. Browse these stories of pack, brand, product and sustainable design.

SME packs a punch

Challs sink cleaning products weren’t getting noticed by supermarket buyers. The company invested a year’s profit in a design project that not only developed branded packaging that stands out against big brands but also revolutionised the firm’s approach to new product development. Sales grew immediately by 35%.

Design for serious** sh**

You might not think waste management firms need anything to do with design but Serious** found design helped it to inject personality and humour into a business sector not renowned for sophistication. Turnover increased by 75% after the new brand was launched.

Manufacturer cuts back at overseas competition

Sheffield-based knife maker Harrison Fisher faced stiff competition from cut-price overseas competitors before it undertook a brand and product design project to make knives made in England an essential part of the stylish modern kitchen. Sales increased by £800,000.

Sustaining business

Constant design innovation, driven by customer demand, new materials and cutting edge techniques, has transformed business for Poole-based partioning firm Invotek. It now boasts an extensive product range, employs 40 people and turned over £5.5million in 2004. The only way to gain competitive advantage in this sector is to offer something unique,’ says Commercial Director Simon Coleman. ‘And to do that you have to design something.

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