This, of course, is excellent news for local tourism brands, but it also raises one very important question: how to make your brand stand out from the crowd to attract customers this season.

As an experienced marketing and branding agency, who has worked with clients such as Bournemouth Tourism, Adventure Wonderland, Petite Hotels and Athelhampton House, we feel it is fitting to share our top tips on how to make your brand stand out this season:

  1. Promote your community

Customers want brands that care. Thus, working with local businesses and supporting your local community and economy is not only a great thing to do, but it’s also a great way of standing out of the crowd, as it helps your brand being seen as a positive force within your community. It shows that you care about profits and people, too, improving the customers’ perception of your brand and increasing loyalty and trust.

2. Know your customers

Who is your audience, and who are you targeting? Families? Young Couples? Single Individuals? Retired Couples? Make sure it’s clearly defined and that you communicate to your audience accordingly. You can use Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics tools to give you a breakdown of your current audience.

3. Feature photos from locals on your Instagram

As mentioned before, engaging the local community can do wonders for your brand image. But it’s also a great way of getting great content on your Instagram without having to do much work yourself. Reposting or sharing posts from locals about the area gives you great, authentic content and can help get your audience excited about going there themselves.

4. Invest in high-quality images 

Present your location in a new light and show your audience that they don’t have to go abroad to see picturesque landscapes and beautiful places. Show your audience what you have to offer. An amazing sunset? Panoramic Landscapes? Tons of History? Make sure you invest in great photography to show off your location in the best possible light. Plus, your images’ quality will directly reflect your brand image – even more reason to make sure the quality is great.

5. Be clear, honest and flexible 

Honesty and flexibility are key in these uncertain times. Offer your customers flexible booking options to give your customers peace of mind that they will not lose their money, should anything happen. You should also keep your audience up to date with any measure you have put into place (e. g. safety/hygiene), as well as local restrictions in your area.

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