Coming up with creative ideas can be challenging, especially when you’re under pressure. As a marketing and branding agency, CuCo are experts in thinking outside of the conventional, cookie-cutter mould and developing great creative solutions that get our clients noticed.

Here’s our 10 top tips to boost your creativity right now:

#1 Surround yourself with creative people

Just being in a creative environment can be extremely beneficial for your creative mind. Share your ideas and get inspired! At CuCo, no idea is considered a bad idea, and some truly outlandish ideas have led to the development of some of our best work! Be brave, be bold.

#2 Expose yourself to new ideas

Creativity is all about being original, inventive and thinking freely. It’s about challenging the status quo, so exposing yourself to new ideas, both within and outside your industry can really get the creativity flowing!

#3 Daily creativity exercises

Creativity is a talent for sure. But it is also a muscle, and therefore, daily creativity exercises such as sketching, changing up daily tasks, or starting an exciting DIY project can help keep your creativity muscle in shape.

#4 Start somewhere

Start writing down your ideas – even if they aren’t fully formed yet. The simple act of writing your ideas down on paper can help the brain loosen up and this makes it easier to overcome the ingenuity barrier and come up with great creative ideas.

#5 Meet new people

Gaining insight into other people’s perspectives can be extremely beneficial for your creative mind. Be open to new ideas, opinions and views – it can be extremely inspiring!

#6 Go for a walk

According to various research studies, walking can significantly improve a person’s creativity. So if you’re stuck, just put your walking boots on! 

#7 Create a mood board

A mood board is a great way to inspire yourself and to find out in which direction you want your project to go.

#8 Learn a new skill/start a new hobby

Learning something new can help your mind to work in a different way and therefore can help you to come up with some fresh new ideas you may not have thought of before!

#9 Don’t be too precious about your work/idea

I get it. Your idea is your baby. And having someone else criticising your idea is never comfortable. However, it’s important to be open to your colleagues opinions and be willing to change your perspective. The best creative ideas happen when lots of creative minds work together collaboratively!

#10 Finally, always carry a notepad

Because you never know when that big idea you’ve been searching for is going to cross your mind!

Need help developing a great creative idea for your brand? Whether it’s a marketing, branding or a design project, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to work with you!