Whether your brand represents a multi-million pound company or a part-time passion, the importance of branding consistency throughout your marketing communications cannot be understated.

Not only should your brand allow your audience to instantly identify you, it should also communicate your entire brand ethos, history, and your values – and your photography and typography plays a huge part in helping your customers to understand who you are.

In today’s market, just by entering a simple search, the internet provides the consumer with an instantaneous and frankly scary level of choice, and your business has just seconds to make a good first impression – or be disregarded completely. If your website, product and brand don’t look the part, it’s more than likely that the consumer will choose to shop with a competitor, who has taken the time to invest in their brand assets.


It’s absolutely vital that you set aside a budget for photography in your marketing plan. Your iPhone or a staff member with an entry level camera simply won’t cut it if you want to be taken seriously by your customers.

What about stock imagery? Trust us on this – if possible – it’s highly advisable to avoid stock photos – they often look cheesy, appear on other brand’s marketing communications, look low-budget and ultimately everybody knows that they are stock photos.

Instead, a great first step is to identify a professional photographer who’s past work suggests they are the right fit to help you tell the visual story of who you are. You can offer the exact same product at the same price point as your competitors, but a great photographer will help you to present your offering in the best light possible (ha ha) to make it more attractive to the consumer.

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High-quality, well-thought-through product shots are especially essential if you are selling products online. This is the closest consumers can get to the product and the images permit them to virtually explore what it is you are offering.
Whilst product shots are important, it’s also absolutely vital you shoot photography that shows how your product lives in the real world. What emotions does your product invoke when interacted with? Research consistently shows that people look for emotional value when making purchase decisions, and often make their final choice based on ‘instinct’.

In a more practical sense, using a professional photographer will give you a bank of images that you can use long-term to populate your marketing collateral, email campaigns, website, social media channels and more. Being organised in this way massively reduces time spent later on trying to hash together imagery in a ‘that’ll have to do’ fashion.

To summarise, brand photography is extremely important


Typography too can make a massive difference in the way people perceive the quality and value of your product or service, and ultimately, perception is what truly matters in sales and marketing.

When choosing a typeface, font, tracking and kerning for your brand, it is important to consider your brand essence, and find a typography style that reflects it. Is your brand traditional or modern?

It’s crucial to know your audience on multiple levels because, like anything else in your business, font design is based around your customers. How do you want them to feel when they think about your business? Your choice of font will depend completely on your target audience and their preferences. Are they traditional and respectable, clean cut and modern, friendly and expressive, or stylish and chic?

Branding, Photography, Brand Agency, Creative Agency, Brand Imagery, Design Agency, Marketing Agency, Brand Guidelines

Once you understand your target audience and what it is they want to gain from your product or services, you can choose the appropriate font that will successfully grab their attention and suitably explain your brand essence and the value it holds for them.

To summarise, typography is also extremely important.

Photography and Typography could ultimately be the deciding factor for a consumer when they are choosing between investing in your business and one of your direct competitors.

Feeling inspired? If you’re looking to refresh your approach to your photography or typography, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.