“Creativity is under greater scrutiny than ever before, asked to justify itself with the latest tools in data analytics” – Think Bigger, Volume 2

CuCo have worked on many large-format print campaigns over the years, from bus wraps, to outdoor signage and right the way through to the ad agency’s bread-and-butter… billboards. We take great pride in all our creative endeavours, but definitely have a special place in our hearts for large-scale print because of the huge and immediate impact it can make. We also have great relationships with our large-format printer partners, and enjoy working collaboratively with them to create inspiring and innovative large-scale solutions for our clients.


Last month our Creative Director, Christian, was specially selected by the print publication ‘Think Bigger’, to share his thoughts on the collaborative process between creatives and printers, and how more effective and creative solutions could be achieved. Think Bigger is a print publication produced by Image Reports magazine, a highly respected print trade journal, prized for it’s insightful business tips and innovative analysis of cutting-edge print tech.


Think Bigger spoke to Christian as part of a piece sparking discussion between creatives and printers about how to open the field for innovative, large-scale and exciting print through collaboration and communication. Christian was chosen as one of three Creative Agency industry leaders to spark a discourse about collaboration, conversation and viability of large print in today’s modern, digital world.

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What insights did Christian contribute?

#1 Collaboration facilitates creativity, allowing creatives to push the boundaries

#2 The best printers are those who see the process as collaborative and brief agencies about what they offer upfront, so that innovative and interesting things can be created from the start

#3 It’s vital that creatives involve printer’s early on (where appropriate) allowing them to utilise their knowledge to create something special

#4 Trust and communication are paramount. The printers we will continue to work with are those who are open and responsive, especially when we have tight deadlines and need to be in the loop

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