With millions of children across the country heading back to school this morning, CuCo thought today might be a good one to take things back to basics with the essentials of great content marketing.


Here are CuCo’s quick top 10 tips for content marketing nirvana:

1. Share quality content, frequently! Google now punishes websites with a poor track record of duplicated content and rewards websites that are regularly sharing top relevant content – be the one that receives a gold star!

2. When sharing content ensure that it fits within your brand personality, it only takes one article to make or break your brand’s image and reputation. Your content should drive every emotion and leave your reader in suspense wanting to experience more of your brand.

3. In order to generate excellent content have a brainstorm session and let your creative mind run wind. Allow a bad suggestion for every good one, create the longest list possible and then go through the process of elimination.

4. Understand your audience inside out so that you can write and pass on content that they really want to read and can associate with.

5. Be the first to share the content. People love to be the first to hear about news, take time to search the web every morning and afternoon to increase your chances of stumbling upon gold dust news!

6. Analyse and understand what content works well and gets the most engagement so you can continue to develop your content marketing strategy.

7. Don’t follow the crowd, with hundreds of social media and blog sites out there share and utilise the ones that appeal to your target audience the most so they can associate and find your content confidently.

8. Creating repurpose content is important and saves time– Generate content that is suitable for all marketing platforms however chop and change the subject message to generate interest and suspense.

9. It is perfectly ok to share content more than once in order to maximise the post reach, drive traffic and increase engagement, especially your own blog posts. Not everyone spends their lives on social media therefore repost content at different times in order to reach more of your target audience.

10. Visuals. Visuals. Visuals. It is proven that Tweets with images get twice as many click throughs, although you might not acknowledge Twitter as a visual platform, it definitely is. If you want your tweets to stand out get attaching photo’s with all your posts!

Back To School

The world of content marketing is ever evolving and sometimes it can feel like every day is a school day in the marketing world! If you would like help with your content marketing strategy, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today