Websites are more than an online presence, they’re a key part of your brand, and in a digital world, a website is more than ever! We get what you’re thinking, but cats can’t read! 

First of all, they can in secret. Second of all, a website is important for all brands. 

Cat owners are becoming increasingly aware of what goes into their pet’s food, and WeAreFamily wanted to showcase their premium-pet food to distributors and pet parents out there.  

But how did we do this? Read on to find out more!  

The Inspiration 

When WeAreFamily approached us to create their pet food website, they had one website they particularly admired ( Similarly, we were inspired by this site. What our client particularly liked about was how they displayed what was in their chocolate with interesting scroll-down on-screen animations, this was an element of their site we implemented into WeAreFamily’s pet food website.  

The Creation

We built this as a bespoke website, this is so we could tailor WeAreFamily’s needs to their website. In this instance, the website we created is to be used as a brochure website to garner the attention of prospective distributors. However, the website design is capable of becoming an e-commerce website when the client wants. Currently, the site is just in English, however, there is scope to add more languages to the site once the client wants. 

The bespoke site was created before the pet food product was launched, so 3D images of the pet food cans were created especially for the site. 

The Design

In our branding blog and packaging blog, we discussed how we came to the colour scheme and typography, the web design we created followed the same brand guidelines.  Elaborating on our branding, our brand mechanisms were used as on-screen animations when clicked on tabs like “our ranges”. 

Due to the ingredients of the pet food being healthy and of high quality, it was important for us to only show healthy cats- so all the pictures of cats on the site are energetic and active. 

Animations and Graphics 

The main graphic on the site is the scroll-down animation on the start page. 

This animation displays the different benefits WeAreFamily’s cat food has and graphics of the healthy ingredients that go into a tin, one by one, as they go into the tin. This animation is almost addicting, and makes you want to scroll up and down on your mouse for a minute straight! 

There is also a call to action at the end of the animation, that encourages you to look at their ranges. 

Cat health was very important to WeAreFamily, which is why they wanted carousels of graphics displaying what ingredients were in every tin and the benefits this had. 

At the footer of the page, there’s a little graphic of an animal that would be in the cat food. 

All these features were made with enough scope that they could be interchanged for different ranges, e.g. if WeAreFamily wanted to go into dog food there’d be enough scope for them to easily change the site for their needs.  

User Experience (UX)

Our UX Design was important to us when creating a web design that was impactful. As UX designers, we had to ask the why, what, and how of UX design. 

Then why was to understand the user’s motivation to use the site, in this case, the distributors wanted to have a closer look at a cat food that they potentially could stock. To make looking at the cat food in more detail simpler, we had a call to action at the bottom of our scroll-down animation on the home screen. At every step, we made it easy to access more information on WeAreFamily’s pet food.

When asking ourselves the “what” of UX design, we had to make sure users of the site knew what to do with the website and the product. For WeAreFamily, they wanted distributors to stock it for their customers so it was important for distributors to easily navigate the site so they understood the goal of this brochure website. 

We created a website that used a lot of energetic cat images, and cat-like imagery, like cat whiskers that pop up when you click on certain parts of the page. 

We also added graphics that would instantly take visitors to the page to see the ingredients, and information on the home screen about it being low-calorie high-quality cat food. Users of the site could instantly deduct that this was high-quality cat food, that looked as good as it tastes. 

Finally, we asked ourselves “how”. How would we create a website that would make distributors want to stock WeAreFamily’s products? We used call-to-action tactics throughout the website. This includes the scroll-down animation on the home page, as this quickly shows the top ingredients and their benefits in a fun and interactive way, which ends in displaying the different cat food ranges (kitten, 4 in 1, and classic). On the home page, there are more details about all the ranges and discovery tabs.

This was an engaging easily explorable website, where distributors and visitors of the website could easily explore what options WeAreFamily had. 

More to come!

Websites are very important to us, as a creative marketing agency we understand digital behaviours, which is why it was so important to create an absolutely purrsuasive website.

The website is by no means the end of WeAreFamily’s journey with our marketing agency, and if you want to know more about the video come back soon!