Travel restrictions, national and local lockdowns have made it extremely difficult for tourism brands to promote their destination. But now is not the time to go quiet. Tourism brands must communicate with their audience to ensure their brand stays on top of consumers minds once they can travel again. 

As branding and marketing experts, who have worked with a number of tourism brands such as Bournemouth Tourism, Adventure Wonderland, BAHA and Athelhampton House, CuCo know exactly how to communicate with your audience during this difficult time.

1. Focus on Positivity 

While travel is not possible and many people feel isolated during the lockdown, it is important for destination brands to spread positivity. Rather than focusing on hard-sale techniques and promoting a stay at your location, your aim should be to cheer up your audience and perhaps even enable them to experience your destination from afar. For instance, you could share the first flower of the year in your garden, the newly renovated rooms of your hotel or the beautiful views from the local beauty spots.

2. Make destination marketing more meaningful 

Covid-19 has affected people’s attitudes in many ways. One thing that has become apparent is that people are seeking more meaningful experiences. Therefore, you should clearly define and communicate the values and purpose of your brand. For instance, are you supporting the local community or do you value sustainability? Whatever it is, make sure you communicate your values clearly. CuCo can help you with this through our brand workshops, where we establish together, what your mission, purpose, values, brand personality and tone of voice is. 

3. Engage your customers

In an isolated world, communication is key. Make sure you engage your consumers and keep the conversation going – especially on social media. Post regularly, be transparent and honest and engage your audience. For instance, you could encourage your audience to share their favourite photos from their last stay with you. This will not only give you some great content to post but also help build brand loyalty and increase the perceived value of your brand by giving your audience a sense of community. 

Do you need more help with your destination marketing or branding during this difficult time? Whether you’re a hotel brand, a tourist attraction or a camping site, CuCo’s experienced team of marketers, designers, branding and digital experts can help. Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – our experienced digital marketing experts would love to hear from you.