The successful and ever-growing arts management platform, Spektrix, is becoming increasingly popular with Europe’s and now America’s largest event spaces, who are incorporating the software into their daily business practice. According to a report from Fundraising UK, charitable donations made through Spektrix grew by almost 100% in 2018, with art spaces increasing their ticket sales by a further 46%. 

So, what makes Spektrix the go-to management and booking system for the arts industry? 

We talk to our Digital Partner Tony Cook on why Spektrix is helping to get bums on seats.

“So let’s start with…. what exactly is Spektrix?”

“Spektrix is a system that supports arts organisations through effective ticketing, marketing and fundraising. The Spektrix system is commonly used for businesses to understand data about their customers and to easily access and share insights and information between departments within the organisation. Plus, Spektrix is a cloud-based system, meaning organisations will always have the most up-to-date version of the software and never have to worry about managing or hosting it.”

“So would you say all companies need to integrate the Spektrix system into their business?”

“No, not necessarily. Spektrix is primarily for the events industry, for example, art centres, theatres, cinemas, football grounds and event spaces, basically anywhere where customers have to book and choose their seats through an online portal. It focuses on the art organisations because of its friendly and easy-to-use box office software which users access through the internet.”

“Is Spektrix simple to navigate?” 

Yes, the system is extremely easy, for both the user and the host. You don’t have to be a digital genius to navigate your way around the software. The user experience is second to none, and the proof is in the pudding with many organisations, including our clients, noticing a significant increase in ticket sales. It also gives the host a better understanding of their audience, with simple and easy reporting organisations can better understand audience behaviour, effectively enabling more targeted and meaningful marketing strategies.” 

“So how does the Spektrix system benefits businesses?”

“There are so many benefits for a business using Spektrix, both externally and internally. Firstly, Spektrix has a CRM tool that holds the company data all in one place, ideal for businesses of all sizes. This data could include, who has signed up to the mailing list, names of ticket bookers, members, stakeholders prospect and donors. Secondly, Spektrix can improve the teams time management by assigning projects and tasks to people and the time spent on those projects can easily be logged and tracked using the system. Spektrix also helps with event management and tracking your guest innovations and lastly, the key benefit of Spektrix, is that the system is hosted on the cloud, meaning teams have access to information wherever they are and at all times.”

“Does Spektrix complicate the design of the website?”

“No, not at all. You can still create beautifully bespoke websites with Spektrix integrated, just like the one CuCo has designed and built for Pavilion Dance South West. Spektrix kicks in once a customer clicks ‘book tickets’ on the website, and you don’t see the Spektrix system anywhere on the site until this point. If the company is interested in creating a bespoke Spektrix theme to match their website, this is something Spektrix offers with the full API service, however, this comes at an increased priced.”

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