Facebook is rapidly becoming the go-to social channel for brand’s looking for targeted marketing and advertising opportunities.

But with so much content being published on Facebook every second, competition for space on News Feeds is increasingly fierce. This has resulted in a sharp decline in organic reach that for some Facebook Page Managers is almost heartbreakingly low.

The good news is that boosting your content with even a small amount of ad budget can dramatically increase your visibility.

No matter what the motive is behind your investment in Facebook advertising, be it greater online sales, improved brand awareness or increased page Likes, it is vital any spend of your precious ad budget provides clear and measurable ROI.

Here are 6 important steps you can take to boost your return from Facebook ads:

#1 Research your market

First and foremost, know what your market landscape looks like on the platform. Even before you start developing a project plan, research your competitors. What kind of campaigns are they running? What is and is not working for them? Identify any key sales opportunities they are missing and use these to your advantage.

#2 Define your target audience

The best performing ads are those that target a very specific audience. You can target your ads reach to metrics like age, location, gender and interests.

Think about it like this, if you have absolutely no interest in cars, then you will scroll straight past a car advert. What did the car company end up gaining from you, a person with zero interest in your services? Nothing but loss of budget! The best performing ads are actually those with a very specific audience. Defining exactly who you are trying to target will not only make your life easier, it will also save time and most importantly, money.

# 3 Determine your objective

What specific action do you want the receivers of your advert to take? How do you want to represent your brand? What key messages do you want to get across? Is your goal to increase sales, to collect leads or to drive website traffic? Facebook gives you the option to choose exactly what you want to achieve when setting up a new ad. You can choose from a variety of options so ensuring you are clear about your objective before you begin is essential.

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#4 Creative engagement

Be creative! The most essential part to any ad is making sure it is inviting, exciting and relevant to your target audience. Startups especially should spend time creating images, videos or visuals that are both informative, yet engaging. Interesting, eye-catching content gets more noticed on Facebook.

But stay relevant. A great way to get people engaging with your brand is to get them involved in user-generated content. For example, focusing an advert around a trending event or holiday can get people talking about your brand in a relevant context.

Try promoting competitions. If budget allows, competitions and giveaways are another valuable avenue to test. After all, who doesn’t like a brand that gives away free stuff? Try asking people to share your post or page to be entered into a draw. This will not only spread brand awareness, but will also get the sharers and their friends interested in and aware of your products or services. Competitions are also a great way to lay the ground work to building positive customer relationships.

#5 Acknowledge all engagement

Do not post great paid content and then ignore the reactions. Building relationships with your audience is extremely valuable for social media marketing success, so whether it’s a comment praising your post, asking a question or even negative feedback, always acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.

#6 Track results

In order to truly leverage the power of social advertising, you must understand your audience and how they respond to your ads. Use Ad Manager, Facebook Insights and Google Analytics to see who is visiting, where they are coming from, how they are reacting and which ad content generates the greatest success. There is very little point in running ads without checking how they are performing, how will you know what to improve on? Track, track, track your results and tweak your strategy to optimise maximum ROI for your next campaign.

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Need some assistance getting started? Whether you are a startup brand looking to test out social media advertising, or an established company looking for account management, the CuCo team are always on hand to apply our marketing expertise to your brief. Our experts are here to help! Get in touch today