A strong school brand gives your school a competitive advantage when trying to get the attention of prospective parents.

Your school logo is the basis of that brand, and the most instantly recognisable element. It will run across your most important marketing materials and channels, including your prospectus, signage, website and social media.

CuCo have designed brands for a number of educational institutions, including schools, colleges and even an international business language school.

A full school logo design service with CuCo usually begins with a design consultation phase within which we will visit your establishment, work hard to understand the ethos and values of your school, and finally establish your objectives for the new design.

Our designers will then create and present to you a number of concepts based on the consultation and will work closely with you to deliver a brand concept that fully realises your ambitions and vision.

At the end of this process, you will of selected one of these concepts to be developed into your final identity which will be supplied alongside a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure your brand is used correctly.

Here are CuCo’s 5 Top Tips for creating a school logo design worthy of an A+:

1. Make sure the logo is unique
Firstly, it is so important that your logo is completely unique to your institution and clearly differentiates you from competitors. As branding and design experts, we will make sure that your logo is memorable and stands out from the crowd!

                                    Make sure your logo is unique and means something to your institution!

2. Keep it simple
Your school’s logo is an excellent way to get your philosophy and message across and communicate with your target audience. However, a design that is too complicated is likely to create noise in that communication, diluting the message. In order to communicate your message instantly, a clean, instantly-recognisable logo design is what CuCo recommend for education institutions.

3. Avoid using overpowering fonts and colours
Less is more! Fonts and colours give your audience a first impression of what your school is about and helps them form an opinion about your organisation – so pick them carefully!  In order to stop your logo from becoming too complex, colours should be chosen wisely depending on what message your organisation wants to get across and what type of education you are offering, as different colours evoke different feelings and emotions. Similarly, fonts are a critical design element for logos and should match the personality of your brand. We recommend a clean, simplistic font for school logos in order to convey the professionalism of the institution.

4. Keep It Professional
Most importantly, a school logo design must be professional in all respects. The logo should communicate the experience and professionalism of the organisation and the educators who work there. Therefore, simplicity, a clean font and carefully selected colours are very important.

5. Stay Relevant
Finally, your logo should have a purpose and convey a message that is relevant to your institution. A stunning, creative logo only works, when it represents the values and purpose of your organisation. CuCo can help you to align your organisation’s message and brand identity to send out a coherent message to your audience.

If you are an educational institution looking for a new logo or brand design, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.