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We are proud to shout from the treetops about our partnership with eco-warriors Ecologi. A brand that enables businesses like ours to make a difference in the world for good. Our founders are passionate about exploring and embracing ways to protect our beautiful planet, creating a lasting future for generations.

Ecologi gives CuCo Creative the platform to practice what we preach. Since joining the project, we can proudly say we have funded over 40 global projects that simply help reduce carbon emissions. We can also take great satisfaction in knowing we are responsible for creating our own forest. We’ve planted over 1000 trees worldwide, translating into a whopping 36.8 tonnes (and counting) reduction in our carbon footprint.


Let’s take a little look into the good that our creative marketing agency is doing for our planet, starting with the first-ever wind power project in Honduras. Before 2000 only 65% of the Honduras population was connected to the grid. However, thanks to electric and renewable power sources, 92% of people in Honduras are now connected. The project consisted of 51 2MW wind turbines, generating 345,970MWh of energy annually, which will be put into the National Interconnected System of Honduras. In addition, 57 thousand trees have been planted over 34 acres around the project site, including 10,000 Quercus purulhana, a species of oak native to Central America and classed vulnerable by The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (ICUN). We’re incredibly proud to have contributed to the milestone of the first wind power project in Honduras.


That’s just one of the many projects we’ve contributed to, not including Improving the Efficiency of Metro Transport in India, avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil and even capturing methane to reduce emissions and generate energy in India. These projects are in addition to countless rainforest protections, wetland protections, renewable energy, and community projects.

By working with Ecologi, our design agency has helped countless communities by providing jobs and a safer and more eco-friendly environment.

Ultimately, this fits into our agency’s long-term goal of eventually offsetting enough carbon emissions to be carbon neutral. In the meantime, we’re minimising our carbon emissions in all possible ways.


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As you can see, we really are a green design agency that is actively taking steps to change our future, and our journey is only going to keep growing. Partnering with CuCo Creative means you are part of our mission, and that must feel good to know, right? Drop us an email or give us a call.

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