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CuCo Creative is a integrated branding, strategic, digital agency based in Bournemouth, Dorset that provides creative marketing and advertising solutions to the South Coast, stretching as far as London, UK. CuCo are a RAR recommended agency, a RAR award-winning agency plus DBA members and a D&AD accredited marketing, digital, design, branding agency. We are a creative marketing agency who are experts in delivering integrated marketing campaigns in all areas of branding, advertising, marketing, digital, ecommerce, design, web design and development, WordPress – and offer a strategic approach to marketing consultancy for Bournemouth, Dorset, London, Bristol, Southampton, the South West and beyond.

CuCo’s creative agency HQ is located in the sunny Silicon South of Bournemouth. We’re a branding agency, marketing agency, advertising agency, digital agency, WordPress agency, creative agency, print agency and design agency all integrated into one agency – making CuCo your perfect branding and marketing partner without heavy London agency fees.

Our Bournemouth-based digital, marketing and design teams work together to deliver a wide range of website development skills to a variety of marketing projects for your brand. Our digital services includes web design search engine optimisation (SEO), html emails & email marketing, Google Adwords/pay per click (PPC), database driven websites, content management systems (CMS), social media management, WordPress websites and ecommerce websites.

CuCo are also a creative print management agency, offering full colour lithographic through to short run or personalised digital printing services. We are experts in paper stocks, print finishes, folding techniques and FSC printing. Whether it is rolling out your new brand across creative marketing collateral, print advertising, business cards, business stationary (letterheads and comp slips), packaging, point of sale (POS), brochures, leaflets, flyers or making your brand come to life with illustration or photography, CuCo are the perfect creative marketing agency and web design agency for Bournemouth and London and everywhere in between.

We are a branding agency that is passionate about driving sales through clever social media advertising and marketing, web design and the development of ecommerce websites and WordPress websites, creative advertising ideas and digital marketing campaigns and are constantly winning new clients all the time. So when you business needs to generate leads, refresh your branding or advertising, or improve your website, speak to advertising agency CuCo about our range of creative marketing solutions for your brand.

Whatever your marketing or advertising requirements may be, CuCo Creative are the marketing agency with the branding agency expertise and marketing knowledge and experience to produce your next marketing campaign, whatever the budget or your location – Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire, London, Southampton, Bristol or beyond. Call marketing agency CuCo today to discuss your brand on 01202 911959.

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Tips on doing a successful direct mail campaign

#1 Have clear objectives
Before you start planning your direct mail campaign, make sure you have clear objectives of what you want it to achieve – are you sending information to new prospects? Or maybe offering a new product/service to existing customers etc.

#2 Always include a letter
This might be an obvious point but if you send out a direct mail pack without a letter it is more likely to be seen as junk mail and look less targeted – unless you are sending out a self-mailer.

#3 Use incentives
If used wisely, incentives can really work within a direct mail campaign. Just make sure you are offering something which you can afford and don’t cheapen your produce/service with too many incentives.

#4 Make the copy personal
Remember when writing your copy that you are writing to another person  – make it sound personal to the recipient.

#5 Spell out the benefits
Rather than just talking about your company and your products/services, let the reader know how it can benefit them – why should they contact you, buy your product, find out more.

#6 Have a clear CTA
Whether you want someone to visit your website, call you or fill in a form to register their interest, make it clear what you want them to do and how they go about doing it. Don’t be afraid to mention the CTA a few times.

#7 Use short sentences and snappy headings which stand out
Most people don’t have time to read through lots of copy to find out what they need – so make your copy short and use clear headings which stand out and break the copy up.

#8 Use relevant pictures
If you are using images, make sure they are relevant to the copy and are of interest to the reader.

#9 Use a P.S.
Research has shown that people go straight to the bottom of a letter and read the P.S. – summarise the content in your P.S. and use a CTA within it.

#10 Use testimonials
Give your readers more reasons to buy your product/service by providing testimonials from previous and current customers.

#11 Calculate R.O.I
After going to all the trouble of producing a good DM pack, you want to find out if it’s been successful. Use a unique URL for the pack, a QR code or a source code so that you can calculate ROI after your campaign has hit.

#12 Learn from campaigns that don’t work and make changes to the next one
Try out different approaches – if one campaign doesn’t work, try something different for the next one.

#13 Be creative!
Differentiate your pack from your competitors and do something different with your direct mail piece – your pack is going to reflect your company/brand so make sure it sits with what people will see on your website.

Is your direct mail working? Contact CuCo to find out how we can produce a successful direct mail campaign for you 01202 911959.

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