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15 Brilliantly Creative Packaging Concepts

Packaging is consistently identified by psychologists as one of the major influencers for our everyday purchase decisions. In fact, research shows that appealing packaging routinely outweighs the more practical assets of a product, such as it’s price point or nutritional value, and this is particularly true when we are actively seeking to try out a new product or brand.

Packaging development throws down a real challenge for designers because it is inherently constrained by function. Whilst it’s essential that packaging stands out on the shelf and appears attractive to consumers, it also needs to protect the product inside, allow for easy storage and enable straightforward distribution.

Not only then does packaging development require creative design expertise – it requires creative problem solving and an understanding of the unique blend of design and engineering. Below are 15 of the CuCo team’s favourite creative packaging concepts of the moment… Which do you think is the most effective and why?

#1 Created by designer Preston Grubbs, these juice boxes are undeniably brilliant – whether they are standing alone or fitted together to create the ‘orange fruit’ shape. Not only are they brightly coloured and designed in a form based around the raw form of the product itself, the packaging also solves the practical issue of juice boxes falling over or being crushed.


#2 We love this hexagonal honey concept, complete with wooden honey dipper! Created by designer Maksim Arbuzov, the design is simple, yet visually striking and instantly communicates what the product is and it’s quality. The natural form also hints to the naturalness of the product itself.


#3 This is an absolutely adorable packaging range created by Finland-based communications agency Hasan & Partners. We particularly like the use of the ties on the magenta and yellow packages, which work to give the illustrations the appearance of being fish, whilst not taking away from the fun simplicity of the design.


#4 We love this ‘intimate care’ packaging concept. A tender peach colour and soft curves have been used to illustrate the human body, with lumps and bumps included! The form also communicates that the manufacturers have ‘nothing to hide’ about the products inside. Amazingly, the products also glows red when touched – an extravagant and innovative feature, made possible through the use of special thermochromic paint.


#5 Created by international packaging specialist agency PackLab, this cava bottle design instantly adds value to the product when it’s turned upside down – not only are you giving a bottle of bubbly, you’re also giving flowers, and probably receiving a smile. So simple, yet so effective.


#6 Developed by designer Yunyeen Yong, these fresh fruit juice cartons are targeted at primary school children and aim to encourage the healthy eating message at a young age. The simplified illustration of the sliced fruits is not only highly visually appealing, it also gives young children confidence and independence when selecting their drink, because the packaging instantly clarifies the flavour.


#7 This packaging is a masterclass in how to take a relatively dull product (coloured socks) and make it instantly more fun and appealing. We love how simply this is achieved and think the colours look more vibrant as a result.


#8 This packaging concept is called ‘Butchers’ and was created by Kei Meguro, a young illustrator and graphic designer based in NY. We love the way it stands out on a shelf full of clear-plastic wrapped meat. (Although it is a bit strange to be reminded of the formally living, breathing animals we are eating!)


#9 We love this product range’s packaging for two reasons. Firstly because of it’s simplicity. A white bottle, with a black dispenser and writing. That’s all. But also because of it’s strong message, perfectly placed where the behaviour can be put to action, in the bathroom. The promotion encouraging people to save water also gives the impression that this is an a strongly environmentally conscious company, which is always an added bonus!


#10 Developed by designer Soon Mo Kang, we think this clothes-hanger tea concept is adorable, but love the fact it’s also functional. Plus who wouldn’t want a closet full of tea?! We just wish our wardrobes were this tidy!


#11 Developed by Luis Fitch and Uno, this packaging is bold, bright and bursting with personality. Aimed at the hispanic market, we feel the bold colours work very, very well. Which would you pick up?


#12 If you’re a fan of The Simpsons TV show (and who isn’t?!), this might just be your favourite concept so far. We love this themed collection, designed by Constantin Bolimond, and inspired by the works of Pieter Mondrian. We can’t wait to see the Bart, Lisa and Maggie versions!


#13 Baaa!! Check out this adorable sheep-shaped swabs tray by designer Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire. We love the simplicity and the full-integration of the product in the look of this packaging. What about you?


#14 Superb packaging concept created for Panasonic by Sholz & Friends, one of the biggest advertising agencies in Europe. So simple, yet so effective. Gives an instant reminder of exactly what the product does for it’s user.


#15 Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun? According to Japanese studio Latona Marketing Inc, some companies throughout Japan routinely give a roll of toilet paper to their customers as a novelty gift to show their appreciation. To make the toilet paper more visually acceptable, Latona created this fun packaging which makes them look like pieces of juicy, delicious fruit. These would certainly brighten up any bathroom! Choose between 4 ‘flavours’ – kiwi, strawberry, watermelon or orange!


Can’t see your favourite? Share it with us below!

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